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Apple TV+ Available on the PlayStation 4 or not? You need to know it



Apple TV+ Available on the PlayStation 4 or not? You need to know it

As the best-selling game console of this generation, it’s easy to expect every streaming service to offer a PlayStation 4 app. But is there an Apple TV + on the PlayStation 4? Unfortunately not. Read on to find out more.

Apple TV+ on the PlayStation 4

No, you can’t watch Apple TV + on PlayStation 4. At least not initially.

As of this writing, Apple has not developed an Apple TV + streaming app for any PlayStation consoles. The company also did not provide any roadmap as to when, if at all, there will be an app for the PlayStation 4.

PlayStation is not alone in this, either. There is no Apple TV +app on any other game console. Xbox One and Nintendo Switch users are also unaccounted for.

However, some users may attempt to stream Apple TV + on the PlayStation 4 using the console’s web browser. It may be possible, but you’re unlikely to get a good or consistent streaming experience this way if you manage to make it work.

These device support Apple Tv+

If The PlayStation 4 doesn’t have an Apple TV + app, you need to explore a few alternatives. The Apple TV + streaming service has apps for the following devices:


Ipod Touch
Apple TV (and Apple TV 4K)

Windows computer
Apple AirPlay
Samsung’s new smart TVs
New Roku devices and roku TVs
Amazon Fire TV
Apple offers 6 simultaneous streams with Apple TV + on-demand streaming service. Even though you can’t use the PlayStation 4, you can install the app on multiple different devices and stream from multiple devices at the same time, making the service easily accessible.

In General, you can still purchase an Apple device. Apple offers Apple TV + with an annual subscription for free if you buy an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Apple TV or Mac computer.

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