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You need to see this Breath of the wild expert completely destroy a Lynel



You need to see this Breath of the wild expert completely destroy a Lynel

If you’ve played the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild long enough, you’ve probably learned to handle Lynel beautifully. However, there are levels of how good you can be in the game.

Take this short clip uploaded by @zb_yuhudaddy on Twitter, for example. It starts with what you can expect: parrying, a few slow-motion hits, whatever you have. He then throws a tri-boomerang to spin around Lynel. And then he expertly evades, leaving the bomb in the path of Lynel’s attack. All this time, the boomerang continues to work wonders.

I kind of feel bad for Lynel! But maybe I shouldn’t be surprised that zb_yuhudaddy can pull this off. After all, this is the same player who went viral earlier in the year, fending off several guardian attacks at once.

It looks like zb_yuhudaddy made a hobby out of humiliating Lynels in particular. In another clip, the satanic shield “Breath of the wild” arrives, quickly throws fire and flies into the air before spilling arrows on Lynel.

In fact, I can’t help but admire the use of the shield. One gets the impression that zb_yuhudaddy doesn’t need to use it except to brag. It looks like the player is just flipping things around while Lynel is still trying to figure out what’s even going on.

And another domination clip for good measure:

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