GRID Autosport for Nintendo Switch

GRID Autosport for Nintendo Switch

Feral Interactive and Codemaster brings to Switch its last generation driving title ready to deal with the serious lack of realistic driving / simulation titles in the Nintendo hybrid. Impressive graphics and great care in gameplay options are its two great standards.

GRID Autosport for Nintendo Switch

To run

In the main menu we can find 5 game modes. And of course, several options where you can configure almost everything, from gesture control, to the buttons of the GameCube controller. At the end of the whole we will find the free DLC content.

  • TRAJECTORY: In each season, you can compete in one of the 5 disciplines that the game has: Touring (circuit races), Endurance (night tracks by time instead of laps), Open Wheel (formula), Tunner (tunning cars ) and Street (Races by city). And once we reach level 3, 6 and 9 (because you gain experience with each test), we will unlock 3 GRID championships
  • EXTRA CHAMPIONSHIPS : 21 additional championships with Drag, Touring and Sprint events.
  • CUSTOMIZED CUP : To create our own competition in any discipline: Fast lap, survival, controls, demolition derby, piques …
  • CLOCK : To fight against the stopwatch.
  • QUICK RACE : Where to join an individual test in any discipline.

The sun shines

The graphic quality, as already mentioned before, is of an exceptional level. The reflections in the sheet, the particles when leaving the section … All of this base, because in the DLC area, there is a package of additional textures to further highlight the game in TV mode. But if you don’t have that free gigas, don’t worry, the base quality is amazing. Are you worried that your Switch will get very hot or do you want the battery to last longer? Then go to options and choose from the 3 available optimizations:

  • Graphics: Enable the best graphics, it will go to 30 fps.
  • Performance: Prioritize the performance of the fluidity of the game and will go to 60 fps.
  • Energy Saving: Reduces the quality of the graphics to conserve the battery and pulling at 30 fps.

Choose the one you choose, the frame rate per second is very solid and there is no serious loss at any time. Even less in the Energy Saving mode.

Regarding the music, although original, is little varied and seems taken from a clothing store. It ends up being repetitive soon. The same goes for the comments of the commenters. Both the track, as the team, as the female voice that tells us between menus. A pity because there was potential in the idea.

And spinning a previous issue, another idea that is halfway to curdling, is the AI cooperation with the teammate. With some “tighten” or “hold position” mechanics, we can indicate what we want. Well, its classification affects the team. But in the end, if you stay first, the team will win and what you usually do is drag yourself (especially if we put the difficulty in Maestro). In addition it does not contribute anything. In the sense that you can not do team techniques such as blockages, help in the rebuild, delay the platoon … It behaves like an adversary AI, even blocking your way.

My conclusions

The ugly thing: Custom controls are not saved, and once you’ve restarted the game, you will have lost your settings. Small error easily corrected. The original game did have a generous multiplayer that has disappeared here. A very important factor. Will they add it later? Only time will tell, but it is a serious loss. It doesn’t even have a classification for the times. He misses some triggers in conditions to control the braking, but that is not a thing of the game, but of the console.

The weird thing: Progress in the seasons is slow and monotonous. Luckily there is a boost mode of experience that I recommend activating as soon as possible. That a game that rewards you for playing as simulation as possible, does not have a good detail in the interior cameras. In these, everything is dark and unfocused, so you can not see the tachometer, or what gear you are in and the mirrors do not work as such.

The good: More than 100 cars. Fun HD vibration. Large number of adjustments to modify (configure driving and configure general game settings). The driving experience (realistic or arcade you decide) that Nintendo Switch needed is here to stay.

You have the game available on the Nintendo Switch eShop for € 34.99 . The size of its download is 6974.08 MB.

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