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Nintendo backs 3DS console in 2020, and Switch takes off



Nintendo backs 3DS console in 2020, and Switch takes off

While the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite are in the company’s spotlight, the old Nintendo 3DS controller will continue to receive Nintendo support next year.

The Nintendo Switch has been a huge success for Nintendo, matching Sony’s PlayStation 4 for annual sales, and proving that power and spectacle aren’t everything when it comes to popularity.

The original hybrid model of the handheld and handheld video game console costs $ 299, twice as much as its predecessor, the Nintendo 3DS.

This led to the September 2019 release of Switch Lite as a second option.

The Switch Lite doesn’t have removable controllers or the og model’s TV display capabilities-so forget about using it to replace the “Wii Fit” switch’s “Ring Fit Adventure” – but it can play just about anything else, starting with the console’s Impressive library, selling for a better – for-the-wallet $ 199.

If more than 41 million Switch consoles have been shipped to stores, as Nintendo’s impressive recent data claims (given that lifetime sales probably aren’t too far behind), it still hasn’t overtaken the 3DS, which is 75 million units.

How many of these 3ds handhelds are still used regularly, Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser did not say, but in an interview with the Verge, he confirmed that the company will demonstrate support for 3DS hardware and software by the end of 2019 and the end of 2019. 2020.

However, with the advent of Switch Lite, Bowser’s statement suggests that 2020 could be the year of decline in 3DS, especially after several new releases of games were released during 2019.

The switch succeeded in getting beats and franchises from both predecessors – not just the portable 3DS, but the Wii U home console-and provided improved descendants: “Mario Kart 8 “became” Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, “”Splatoon” upgraded to “Splatoon 2, “” Super Smash Bros.”The series reincarnated in the aptly named” Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, “”Super Mario Galaxy” expanded in scope and became awesome to become “Super Mario Odyssey” and “the Legend of Zelda,” equal to if not exceeding its highest point of franchise history through “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild.”

Nintendo has also made adjustments from the Wii, Wii U and 3DS generations to welcome independent developers and third-party partners to the Switch platform, and while the console’s best-seller lists are dominated by internally developed titles, the console has established itself. home to “octopath Traveler, “” Enter the Gungeon,” “stardew Valley,” “Celeste,” “Hollow knight,” “Undertale” and many more.

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