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Nintendo will add subscriptions to “animal crossing” on mobile phones this week



Nintendo will add subscriptions to "animal crossing" on mobile phones this week

It seems that the Mario Kart Tour is just the beginning of the Nintendo mobile game subscription program. Developers have informed gamers that they will launch two animal-crossing subscription plans on November 21st: Pocket Camp, both of which are designed to ease the burden. A plan will designate an animal as a “camp manager” to help your camp. Another plan is to get you fortune cookies and store the extra furniture and clothes in the warehouse. The perks are slightly like Fallout 1st in that regard

Nintendo did not disclose the price of the two plans, but the plan for the Mario Kart Tour is $5 a month. You should hear more about the Pocket Summer Camp in the November 20th video.

This news may not make fans happy. The mobile animal crossing the title already has a free play system that can get expensive if you want to decorate your camp style. Now, Nintendo is encouraging users to subscribe to the equipment you want on a paid basis. Although subscriptions like this are not unheard of, in a game that is completely aimed at children, this is not just a small exaggeration.

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