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Smash Bros. tournaments unite the game players



Smash Bros. tournaments unite the game players- Nintendosmash

On Saturday afternoon, at the Zoo Super Smash Bros. Championships held a tournament at the University of Massachusetts, dozens of entrants laughed, talked and screamed in a room in the basement of the campus center.

This monthly competition is the third time this semester is held by the University of Massachusetts Super Smash Brothers Club, including several classic “Super Smash Brothers Melee” and the recent “Super Smash Brothers Ultimate” version. the match of. At any given time, approximately 14 games may be undergoing various TV and gaming systems, all brought by club members.

Eli Gukovsky is a freshman in computer science. He joined the club in his first year and is now the chairman of the organization.

Gukovsky said: “I participated in the smash game in high school. “This is a very good community and I want to be one of them. ”

Gukovsky said that there are many people in Arms, they like the SmithBrand franchise, but not many people who know the club exists. However, Gukovsky added that about 50 people usually attend their meetings on Thursday, and the total number of members is close to 100.

Gukovsky said: “We will drag all equipment from Bartlett (Hall) every week. “Everyone here, we are friends. ”

The competition includes singles and doubles melee and ultimate competitions, and the winners will be rewarded based on the total number of participants. In Saturday’s game, about 20 players participated in the melee competition, and more than 40 players participated in the ultimate competition. Participants can watch the game when they are not playing, or just enjoy an afternoon with friends.

Gukovsky pointed out that competitors are also from outside the University of Massachusetts. On Saturday, he said there are members from Hampshire College, Amherst College and local high schools.

Angel Diaz graduated from the University of Massachusetts in 2019, but from Springfield, participated in the competition. Diaz is a member of this club when he studied mathematics at the university. He said that he still has many friends in this group.

Diaz is waiting for the next round of melee, “The (championship) is a good way to make friends and expose yourself to others.”

When he installed the screen and gaming system on the other end of the room, English major Parawat Chang said he really liked the community he found at the Super Brothers Club.

“We can talk about life or a course,” he said, adding that he made a lot of friends in the group. He said that when watching other people’s games, he can “see who they are” according to the role they choose to compete with.

Michael Melaku, a freshman in the exploratory course at the College of Humancial and Fine Arts, said that before coming to the University of Massachusetts (UMass), he was very familiar with the course. Familiar with. He also said that he likes to “interact with others inside and outside the game.”

When he participated in the melee tournament, Meraku said he liked both to play. When asked what his favorite character is, Meraku said it was Falco in Melee and Joker in Ultimate.

Gukovsky added that in addition to being a community, tournaments are a good competitive channel. The club has its own ranking every semester and will be announced in the final on Friday, December 6. At the same time, according to Gukovsky, people don’t have to behave well to have fun.

Gukovsky said: “We hope to see more people. “The more friends, the better. ”

Diaz said: “People are willing to teach you. “This is not only a good way to learn games, but also a good way to make friends. ”


I enjoy playing games, and gaming is a passion of mine. Among my favorite games are Tears of the Kingdom, GTA, and Cyberpunk.

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