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The beautiful switch lite will be available in US sooner



The French magazine includes Nintendo switch among the most low-quality products of 2019 due to Joy-Con drift

Not long ago, we reported a beautiful small suitcase from Nintendo Switch Lite, and it was told that it would be the exclusive distribution in Japan.

Fortunately, Nintendo seems to have heard of our request, because the flip-screen protection thin case will land in the United States on December 8.

The more portable Switch Lite provides a low profile enclosure for your travel needs.

The Nintendo Switch is already a portable game console, but Switch Lite takes it to the next level with its smaller form factor and additional Joy-Con controller. Nintendo switches have their own phone cases, but none of them can be as light and low-key as this one.

The flip and screen protector snaps onto the back of the switch panel and has a flip cover that flips over the top of the switch to protect the screen and joystick. It has a magnetic clasp to keep everything safe.

This box is a bit expensive, $39.99, but if you find that your Switch Lite is a bit expensive, then the price is absolutely reasonable. Again, it will be released in the US on December 8th, and you can buy one here.

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