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These Nintendo Switch exclusives are now at the lowest prices



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On rare occasions, the number of exclusive Switch items, such as Astral Chain, Daemon X Machina, and the Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, has been reduced in price.

Since it’s about Switch games, naturally the discounts aren’t as dramatic as we would normally expect. For some of them, however, they are now at the lowest prices they have been so far.

Take the Astral Chain: the Nintendosmash review called it a “platinum-plated masterpiece,” it now costs 35 pounds. Or, if you prefer to have big crazy mechs in your active game, you can get Daemon X Machina for £ 30.

They’re not bad, but if you can hold out for another couple of weeks, we’ll see further price cuts for many of these games along with all the other Nintendo Switch Black Friday offerings ready to launch. In the US at least, we’ve seen a handful of the best Switch exclusive products drop to $ 40. Perhaps some will be matched with £ 30 in the UK? We can only hope.

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