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You can Save $150 on This Nintendo Switch Micro SD Storage Card



You can Save $150 on This Nintendo Switch Micro SD Storage Card

This is a good time to be a Nintendo fan, especially if you are planning to be the best Pokemon Sword and Shield in history. If you don’t want to worry about space anymore, make sure you have enough space to play all Nintendo games on the Micro-SD card, especially the first deal below.

The SanDisk 1TB Extreme Micro SD Card is $150 Off

If you want (possibly) no longer have to worry about having space on the switch, this is a Micro-SD card. The Pokemon Sword and Shield weighs about 10GB, the Smashing Brothers weighs 13.6GB, and the wilderness weighs 13.4GB. The internal memory of your switch won’t hold all of this at the same time. Instead of spending $50 on a 50GB Micro-SD card, use this card so you don’t have to worry about putting all the extra bits on the switch. 1 TB is 1000 GB after all. When one day this transition inevitably becomes old news, no matter what happens next, you will still have a state-owned SD card. This is a brand new agreement, so don’t miss this.

SanDisk 512 GB Micro SD Card for $90 Off

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