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A collaboration appendix of “Nintendo Labo” and “Pokemon Quest” appears



A collaboration appendix of “Nintendo Labo” and “Pokemon Quest” appears

A popular collaboration plan for Shogakukan’s magazine “Kindergarten”. This time, “Nintendo Switch”, “Nintendo Labo”, and the popular game “Pokemon Quest” will collaborate in the appendix of “Kindergarten”!

The appendix is ​​Pikachu, Eevee, Fushigidane, made from cardboard of “Nintendo Labo”, a set of three very cute luxury. If you have Nintendo Switch itself and “Nintendo Labo Variety Kit”, you can move Pokemon by operating Nintendo Switch! Of course, you can play with cardboard alone.

In addition, the stage of “Pokemon Quest”, “Pokemon Tonton Kakekko”, which has a design similar to Kakukoro Island, comes with it! Jump on the slide with your finger and compete with Pokemon! Check out the “Kindergarten” March issue that will be released on Saturday, February 1st.

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