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FS22: List of all console commands for Farming Simulator 22 (Updated 2023)



FS22: List of all console commands for Farming Simulator 22

Do you want to get the most out of your game? For this, you need a complete overview of all commands in the new farming simulator! Another post already described how you can activate the console. This is all about the orders.

HelpDisplays a list of available console commands.
Money<amount>Adds the specified amount of money to your in-game account.
Reset VehiclesResets all vehicles to their default position and condition.
Reset PlayerResets the player to the starting location.
Reset EconomyResets the economy, including contracts and prices.
Reset ShopsResets all in-game shops to their initial state.
TimeScale<value>Sets the in-game time scale. Higher values increase time speed, while lower values slow it down
TimescaleResetResets the time scale to its default value.
resetMissionsBriefingResets the mission briefing.
addFuel [amount]Adds fuel to all your vehicles or equipment.
setDayTime [hour] [minute]Sets the current time to the specified hour and minute.
enableAnimalStatesDebugRenderingEnable/disable CloudFx
enableCloudFxActivate/deactivate FPS limiter
enableFramerateLimitActivate / deactivate FPS limiter
enableOccluderDebugRenderingEnable / disable occluder debug rendering
enablePostFxActivate / deactivate PostFx
exitQuit the game (back to desktop)
framerateLimitFPSSet FPS limit
gsBenchmarkStarts a benchmark sequence with camera flight and working vehicles
gsHudVisibilitySwitch the HUD (user interface) on / off
gsPlayerFlightModeActivate the flight mode with key “J” | Up / down with Q / E
gsWiperStateSetSwitching the wipers on / off
gsCameraFovSetChanges the player’s field of view, for example “gsCameraFovSet 30” = FOV of 30 °
gsWeatherAddSets the weather (Sun, Cloudy, Rain), for example “gsWeatherAdd Sun” = sunny
gsTimeSetSets the time of day, for example “gsTimeSet 12” = 12 noon
gsCollisionFlagShowAllDisplays all available collision flags
gsDebugManagerClearElementsRemoves all permanent elements and functions from the DebugManager
gsGuiDebugDebugging of the graphical user interface
gsGuiDrawHelperGUI Draw helper
gsGuiSafeFrameShowShows GUI safe frames
gsI3DCacheCleanRemoves and reloads all cached i3d files
gsI3DLoadingDelaySetSets the loading delay for i3d files
gsI3DPrintActiveLoadingsShows active loads in the log
gsI3DShowCacheShows active I3D cache in the log
gsInputContextPrint no explanationShows input context in the log
gsInputContextShow no explanationShows input context
gsInputDebug no explanationInput debugging
gsProductionPointToggleDebugToggle production point debugging on and off
gsRenderColorAndDepthScreenShotCreates a screenshot with color and depth rendering
gsScriptCommandsListLists scripted console commands
gsSetHighQualityIncreases the character and LOD spacing of foliage, terrain and objects
gsShopUIToggleSwitches the visibility of the shop configuration interface
gsSoundManagerDebugSwitches the global debug mode of the sound manager on and off
gsXMLGenerateSchemasGenerates XML schemas
listEntitiesOutput detailed list of entities
listResourcesOutput detailed resource list
parallelRenderingAndPhysicsTurn on parallel rendering and physics
qQuit the game (back to desktop)
quitSee “q”
reloadAnimalConfigurationReload configuration data for animals in animal houses
setAsymmetryFactorSets the CornetteShrank asymmetry
setBloomMagnitudeSets the strength of the bloom effect
setBloomThresholdSets the threshold value for the calculation of the Bloom mask
setCirrusCloudDensityScalingSets the scaling factor for the cirrus cloud cover
setCirrusCloudVelocitySets the speed of the cirrus cloud
setCloudBaseShapeScalingScales the sample position of the base cloud shape texture
setCloudErosionScalingScales the sampling position of the cloud erosion texture
setCloudNoiseVelocitySets the scroll speed for volumetric noise
setCloudPrecipitationSets the cloud precipitation coefficient
setCloudScatteringCoeffSets the cloud scattering coefficient
setDLSSQualitySpecifies the DLSS quality
setDoFBlendWeightsX fade distances d0, d1, d2
setDoFBlurAreaDOF blur area, top left (x, y) bottom right (x, y), x, y in [0-1]
setDoFFarCoCSet DoF wide CoC radius
setDoFNearCoCSet DoF near CoC radius
setDoFParamsDOF parameters (nearCocR, endNearBlurDist, farCocR, startFarBlurDist, endFarBlurDist)
setFogPlaneHeightSet the upper height of the fog level [0-1000]
setFogPlaneMieScalingScaling of the fog plane Mie scattering coefficient [0.001-1000]
setHistogramLogLuminanceRangeHistogram luminance range [min-max]
setMieScalingScaling the Marie scatter coefficient [0.001-1000]
setMinMaxLuminanceAdaptionLuminance adjustment range [min-max]
setMoonSizeScaleScales the size of the moon disk
setPostFxAASet post process anti-aliasing
setSSAOIntensitySet SSAO intensity
setSSAORadiusSize of the SSAO radius
setSSAOSamplesNumber of samples for the SSAO calculation [1-12]
setSunBrightnessScaleScales the sun brightness
setSunSizeScaleScales the size of the sun disk
setTextureStreamingBehaviorSpecifies the texture streaming behavior
setTextureStreamingPausedSets the pause for texture streaming
setVolumetricCloudVelocityDefines the volumetric cloud wind direction and cloud speed
showFpsDisplays the current FPS

Please note that using console commands may affect your game progress and should be used with caution. It is recommended to create a backup of your game saves before using any console commands.

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