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Farming Simulator 22: How to Get Straw



FS 22 - Straw

There are various elements to farming in Farming Simulator 22 and one of the important ones in the game is getting Straw as it can be turned into Bales which you can feed to pigs, chickens, or other animals who eat grains. It is a convenient aspect of the game and can also help you earn a little bit of money on the side.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get straw in Farming Simulator 22.

How to Get Straw in Farming Simulator 22

Straw can only be obtained from the following crops during the harvesting process.

  • Wheat
  • Barley
  • Oats

To get the Straw, you need to use an appropriate Header for the Harvester and enable the ‘Straw Swath’ option. By enabling the straw swath option, your harvester will leave the straw trail on the field which you can later pick up or turn in to bale. Once you are done harvesting the crop, use the baler to turn the straw into a bale or use the Forage Wagon to transport straw back to one of your mills or buildings or even sell them at one of the designated locations to earn some money.

However, straw does not sell for a lot of money but if you are not using any type of animal then there is no use in keeping the straw. Open the Prices section to see where you can sell it and take the Loader to the location to sell it for money.

Apart from selling, you can obviously use it to turn it into bale and feed it to the animals to make them produce manure or make a mixed ration for cows. Cows don’t eat grains but you can use straw to create mixed rations which they eat.

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