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Farming Simulator 22 lost connection to the game: Fix multiplayer problems



Farming Simulator 22 lost connection to the game: Fix multiplayer problems

Why does the error message “No connection to the server possible” or “Connection to the game lost” appear in the FS22? This question will perhaps occupy one or the other player from the new Farming Simulator 22 who would like to play with friends in multiplayer and receives an error message as mentioned above when trying to connect. What could be the causes here and how you can fix the multiplayer problems, we have summarized a few solutions in this article.

FS22 multiplayer problems: fix connection problems

  • Check internet connection: Before looking for a cause, you should of course first check your own internet connection and make sure that it is working properly.
  • Server online and crossplay activated? Is the FS22 server really online and is crossplay support activated in the settings (if you want to play cross-platform on the PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox One together)?
  • Check firewall and, if necessary, release ports: Depending on how the firewall is set on the PC or router, it could be that communication between the game and the server is blocked. The game uses port 10823 (unless otherwise set).
  • Giants servers are down: Even though the dedicated server running the FS22 regardless of Giants servers, the creation is done the server list probably continues even at Giants on the “Master Servers”. In the past, there were frequent short disruptions here (especially in the first few days after the release). In that case, just wait a moment and try again. The official Giants forum can be used to quickly find out whether there are any malfunctions or not.
  • Deactivate IPv6 or get an IPv4 address: Depending on the provider, the router nowadays sometimes no longer receives a public IPv4 address and an IPv6 address is automatically assigned. There have been reports on Reddit and in the official forum that this may lead to problems and disconnections with the error message “lost connection to the game”. The connection problems should always occur more frequently if the server creator uses an IPv4 and the players use IPv6 (or vice versa and especially in crossplay). As a rule, when assigning an IPv6, you can speak to the Internet provider and ask for an IPv4 address to be assigned. This should have helped some players.

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