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Converting Farming Simulator 22 stubble lint into a seedbed



Converting Farming Simulator 22 stubble lint into a seedbed

Have you ever wondered about the significance of stubble fall in Farming Simulator 22? Stubble, which refers to the remaining plant material after harvesting, plays a crucial role in the farming process. This article aims to shed light on what stubble is, its impact on the field, and how you can convert it into a seedbed for sowing crops. If you’re curious about these aspects, read on to find a helpful tutorial below.

Understanding Stubble Fall

Stubble fall occurs when a field that is either in the growing stage or ready for harvest contains crops like wheat. To witness the transformation, you’ll need to utilize a flat cultivator, rotary harrow, or disc harrow to till the field. This process not only alters the soil texture, but it also displays the stubble fall information under the “Growth” section on the in-game map. You can toggle the visibility of stubble fall by clicking on the “Stubble fall” entry.

Converting Stubble into a Seedbed

While it is possible to sow field crops directly on the stubble, you also have the option to convert the field back into a seedbed for enhanced productivity. To achieve this, follow these steps:

  • Utilize a standard cultivator (avoid shallow cultivators) or a subsoiler or plow. These tools are essential for the conversion process.
  • Engage the cultivator or plow, ensuring thorough coverage of the field. This action will break down the stubble, preparing the soil for sowing.
  • Once the conversion is complete, the field is now transformed into a seedbed, ready for the next planting cycle.

Note: Although theoretically a spading machine can also be used to convert stubble fall into a seedbed, we have yet to test this method.

In Farming Simulator 22, stubble fall holds significant importance for field management. Understanding the process and its effects can help you make informed decisions regarding crop cultivation. By following the steps outlined above, you can efficiently convert stubble into a seedbed using the appropriate tools. With this knowledge, you’ll be better equipped to optimize your farming operations. Happy farming!

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