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Rainbow Six Extraction: All trophies and achievements for the horde shooter



Rainbow Six Extraction: The best operators for solo or team players

When an event becomes a full game: Rainbow Six Extraction emerged from the so-called “Outbreak” event from Rainbow Six Siege and sends you into the fight against murderous infected people. You will unlock many of the trophies and achievements automatically, but some will be difficult to earn. Those are all achievements.

All trophies and achievements in Rainbow Six Extraction

You get one of the 43 trophies or 42 successes for almost all actions that you manage repeatedly. In the hunt for the platinum trophy or 100% gamerscore, you have to stun 100 enemies, interact with 100 interesting locations, complete 20 objectives each in New York, San Francisco, or Alaska and defeat a Proteus. If you play Rainbow Six Extraction on the PS4 or PS5, you should be interested in this division:

  • Bronze trophies: 26
  • Silver trophies: 13
  • Gold trophies: 3
  • Platinum Trophies: 1
  • (of which secret trophies: 15)

In the game, some trophies and achievements are secret and therefore hidden. But since these do not reveal any concise details about the story or anticipate anything else, we have collected them in a table. Don’t worry, you don’t have to worry about spoilers.

NamesActivation conditionstrophiesGamerscore
Fist fightHit 3 enemies with melee attacks.bronze5 G
DizzyStuns 100 enemies.bronze15 G
BoomEliminate 50 enemies with explosives or skills.bronze5 G
Eagle eyeScans 50 enemies with REACT devices.bronze5 G
Live onRevives 3 allies.bronze5 G
Keep it upEliminate 5 different enemies in one attack.bronze15 G
DissectedKill 50 nests with a takedown.bronze5 G
DefusedKill 50 blasters or contaminants with a takedown.bronze15 G
PfuuuuiEliminate slime with explosives 75 times.bronze25 G
Complete dreamKill 100 fighters.bronze15 G
Danger from afarEliminate 150 tormentors or shooters.bronze15 G
CleanupEliminates 30 blinding spores.bronze5 G
Hugs are not welcomeEliminate 50 Roots without getting caught.bronze15 G
Grim ReaperEliminated 30 blenders.bronze5 G
adrenalineEliminates an enemy lying down.bronze5 G
Welcome HomeSave one of your operators.bronze15 G
The big city callsComplete 20 goals in New York.bronze25 G
Off to FriscoComplete 20 objectives in San Francisco.bronze25 G
In the far northComplete 20 objectives in Alaska.bronze25 G
Mission possibleEvacuate from an assault without a missing person and complete all objectives beforehand.bronze15 G
Out and about with the boysComplete all objectives in one assault – male operators only.bronze15 G
Girls nightComplete all objectives in one assault – female operators only.bronze15 G
CuriousInteracts with an interesting place.bronze15 G
Outdoor useInteracts with 5 places of interest in each region.bronze25 G
Gun fanaticEquip 15 weapon attachments.bronze15 G
FancyEquip 9 different operators with a uniform.bronze35 G
DefeatedKill 5 Angry Takedowns.silver25 G
RegicideEliminate 10 princes.silver35 G
Dark reflectionEliminate a Proteus.silver25 G
IntactEvacuate from an assault and complete all targets beforehand – with at least 80% health.silver35 G
ConsequentComplete 20 objectives in Truth or Consequences.silver35 G
UnyieldingComplete 15 targets in the third subzone or higher without going down.silver25 G
To do listComplete 5 different objectives.silver50 G
Highest ScoreEarn 55,000 XP in a single assault.silver25 G
specialistEarn at least 30,000 XP in 5 mission or crisis attacks.silver25 G
Bigger KahunaComplete all objectives and evacuate from 5 attacks with a level 10 operator.silver25 G
encyclopediaInteracts with 100 places of interest.silver35 G
Everything is connectedRead the final study description for each region.silver50 G
FeatsEvacuated from an assault after all research studies are completed.gold50 G
Don’t be afraid of slimeDestroyed in an attack with the REACT laser outgrowth.gold75 G
Proud dadEquip 18 different Level 10 Operators with headgear.gold50 G
FollowingEquip a legendary talisman.silver35 G
Platinum performanceSuccessfully complete all other trophies.platinumnv

The first time you skim through these achievements, one thing quickly becomes clear: Although the degree of difficulty is limited, you will have to expect an extensive grind. After all, you must have improved 18 different operators for “Proud Papa” to at least level 10.

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