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Rainbow Six Extraction: All enemies and how to easily defeat them



Rainbow Six Extraction: All enemies and how to easily defeat them

Depending on the level of difficulty and the mission, you will encounter fearsome enemy types in Rainbow Six Extraction. However, as powerful as some archaea may appear to you, almost all of them have distinctive weaknesses. We introduce you to all aliens and tell you how you simply defeat them.

The enemies in Rainbow Six Extraction

The archaea are actually aliens that are mutated by the so-called Chimera parasite. This black, sticky mass keeps encountering you and slows you down when entering. Below we present all enemy types and which weak points you should target:

  • Tier 1: Grunt , Spiker , Breacher , and Bloater
  • Tier 2: Rooter and Sower
  • Tier 3: Tormentor, Smasher and Lurker
  • Tier 4: Apex
  • Tier 5: Proteans

We left out the dazzling spores and slime in the listing. While these are threats you may encounter on missions, I wouldn’t call them a category of enemies. Either way, it’s best to shoot with a silenced weapon so you don’t make as much noise.


The grunt will probably be the alien you encounter the most. Without armor or protection, the champion can withstand only a few shots. If you want to kill him quickly and silently, put a bullet in his head – that’s his weak point.

The Champion will only become dangerous to you if he alerts other enemies around him and charges at you. Otherwise, you have a few problems with this Archaeon.


Strictly speaking, the shooter is an evolution of the fighter. The shooter has light armor on his arms, which he holds in front of his face when under fire. It protects its weak point, the head.

If a shooter notices you, you should quickly seek cover. It shoots spikes that can do high damage. If his fire decreases, he must “reload”. This is the perfect time to put a bullet between his eyes. Otherwise, you shoot at the torso or the legs if the shooter should keep his arms protectively in front of his head.


You can recognize the Sprenger by its large, red bubble on its back. This enemy will only become dangerous to you if it gets too close and explodes. A well-aimed shot at the bubble will detonate it, but you should then build up some distance so that you don’t get hit by the area damage.

If a blaster charges towards you, it will pause and stand just before detonating. If you back away from him while facing him, you will not be hit by the explosion in most cases. Also useful: Shoot the sprinkler by aiming at his body. He remains lying there with his bladder intact on his back. You can use this as a booby trap against other enemies. Just shoot them at the right moment.


The bloater is very similar to the sprinkler. Instead of a red one, the infestor carries a green blister on its back. In addition, he does not blow himself up, but robs you of your sight and emits poisonous gas that continuously damages you over time.

You also want to eliminate the infestor with a well-aimed shot at the bubble from a great distance. In the best case, you should also aim at the body against him, so that you can use his bubble on his back as a booby trap against other archaea.


The Rooter walks on four legs and is lightly armored – this combination makes it difficult to kill. When a Rooter charges at you, most of your bullets will ricochet off the creature’s head and foreleg armor. So always shoot at the body!

The Rooter will rear up as soon as it sees you, alerting its Archaea allies. This is the best time to target his vulnerable lower body. Also, beware of his projectiles, which he will periodically fire at you if you move away from him. These freeze you and make you very vulnerable.


One could describe the blender as an evolution of the rooter. Although the Blender is not as armored as its counterpart, it places small mines that blind you for a short time when you get close and trigger them. These mines glow red but are easy to miss. One bullet is enough to wipe them out.

The weak point of this enemy type is on its stomach and on its back. The blender also reveals this sore point when he discovers you. Always keep a large distance between you and the cattle.


The tormentor is one of the strongest enemy types because in the liquid form he can quickly teleport to other places and thus almost never loses sight of you. He also shoots projectiles, which makes it much more difficult for you to fight this alien.

As soon as the tormentor shoots out of the ground, you should use smoke grenades or stun grenades to stun him. This gives you more time to stuff it full of bullets. This alien does not have an exact weak point. Best aimed at the body.


The smasher is one of the strongest archaea. You’ll probably hear it before you see it. Although you should always keep your distance when you have aroused a rager, he will then increasingly rush towards you at such a rapid pace and with such tremendous force that you will hardly be able to stop him.

You should always wrap a rager in smoke. So you can approach him unnoticed and perform an elimination. His weak spot on his back will then also glow red. As a sled, you can even paralyze the rager with a targeted hammer blow.


The Lurker lives up to its name because it can make itself invisible. Once alerted, the Stalker is a formidable opponent. He can also hide his weak spot on his head, so you should take him out with a targeted shot as soon as you see him.

If you get into a duel with the sneak and he hides his weak spot, you can reveal it with a melee attack. But then you have to be very quick, otherwise, the sneak will go back into defense position and protect itself. Scanning and tagging lurkers are extremely important.


The lord ( apex ) moves around quickly and spawns new enemies until you kill him. That means for you: Always get rid of the prince as quickly as possible! Best case scenario, ping him and fire at this alien as a team.

You should especially avoid the projectiles that blind you. You will quickly be overrun by the army that the prince is drawing from the darkness. One of the best operators for this fight is Alibi. She can drop a decoy that distracts the lord. Meanwhile, you sneak up on him from behind and pump him full of lead.


Proteans will frighten you particularly much because you fight against an image of your own ego. This enemy type can take advantage of the abilities of other Operators and fight you with your own weapons and abilities.

So there is no clear strategy against this special alien. However, you should be aware that it takes the firepower of the entire team to hunt down a Proteans.


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to Get Evolution Stones



Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to Get Evolution Stones

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet also have the mechanics of Evolvement of the Pokemons that are very necessary at some point in the game. Evolving Pokemons will increase their stat as well as their level which will then deal great damage to other Pokemons in the battles. One of the main items required for the Evolvement of Pokemons is the Evolution Stones. There are different types of Evolution Stones in the game and players can use them to evolve a specific species of Pokemon.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Evolution Stones in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Getting Evolution Stones

There are many types of Evolution Stones in the game and almost all of them require specific progress in the story of the game to get them. There are 10 different Evolution Stones that you can find in the game but most of them can be found in one place if you have progressed enough in the story. The safe point for you to progress in the story to get all the important Evolution Stones is to get 3 Gym Badges.

Gym Badges can only be obtained by defeating the Gym Leaders in the Victory Road Path. You will need to explore and find the new cities and then defeat the Gym Leader of their city. There is one Gym Building in every major city of the game that you have to discover and then pass their Gym Test to challenge their Leader. After defeating the Gym Leader, you will get the respective Gym Badge. As there is not any specific order to play the game so you can defeat any three gym leaders to get three gym badges.

Once you have obtained three Gym Badges, you will unlock some specific Battle Items in Delibird Presents Shops. These Delibird Presents Shops are available in every major city and town of Paldea so go to any Delibird Shop and view the Battle Items. In the Battle Items, you will see the following Evolution Stones ready to be bought.

  • Fire Stone
  • Thunder Stone
  • Leaf Stone
  • Water Stone

All four of these stones are Evolution Stones and they are used to evolve specific species of Pokemon. If you have particular Pokemon in your team and if you use the respective stone on the Pokemon then that Pokemon will evolve into a new shape. You can get all four of these Evolution Stones for a total of 12,000 Poke Coins. Each Stone costs 3,000 Poke Coins which is relatively cheaper than the Auction.

You can also find these stones out in the wild but if you don’t want to specifically look out for them then you can just go to the shop and buy them to use on your Pokemon. However, if you like to place a bid in the auction then you can do that as well but it would be expensive because you will have to outbid all of the opponents. Either way, you will be able to get these stones and start evolving your Pokemon.

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to Get Koraidon and Miraidon in a Single Game



Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to Get Koraidon and Miraidon in a Single Game

As Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are two different games and both of these games have exclusive legendary Pokemon. One of the legendary Pokemon that is given to players as a mount is either Koraidon or Miraidon, depending on which version of Pokemon are you playing. But there is a way to get both of the legendary Pokemon in a single version.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Koraidon and Miraidon in a single game of Pokemon Scarlet or Pokemon Violet.

Getting Koraidon and Miraidon

So, the players who are playing any version of the game would know that they get a legendary Pokemon in the Prologue of the game that your character uses as a Mount to get from one place to the other quickly. The Players who are playing the Pokemon Violet will have Miraidon and the players who are playing Pokemon Scarlet will have Koraidon.

Now, in order to get both of the Legendary Pokemon in a single game, you will have to complete the game. Finish all the paths of the game, and let the credits roll out. Once you have completed the game, you need to return back to the Black Crater where you went into the time mission at the end of the game. Once you are at the Black Crater, you need to go to the right side of the Time Machine and you will reach a wall.

Climb up the wall and go over the large crystal. Go straight and up on the rocky path to find the same Legendary Pokemon that you have. If you are playing the Scarlet then you will find Koraidon on top of the rocky path and if you are playing the Violet then you will find Miraidon on top of the rocky path.

Since these two are the last Pokemon in the Pokedex and they both are level 72 so it would be hard to catch them so, if you have not used the Master Ball yet, then this is the time to use it. If you want to take them out by yourself then you can do that as well. After getting the same Legendary Pokemon, you need to make a trade with another player who has the other legendary Pokemon.

In order to make the trade, you need to use the specific link code for the trade of Legendary Pokemon. Go to the Poke Portal then select the Link Trade option. Select the Set Link Code option and enter the following code.

0400 0399 or 0399 0400

Now, the reason why you want to enter this code in the link code is that the Koraidon Pokedex code is 399 and the Miraidon Pokedex code is 400 so, the players who only want to trade these Legendary Pokemon will use these codes and when you enter any one of the code, you will get to trade your Legendary Pokemon with the other player’s Legendary Pokemon and you will have both Kiraidon and Miraidon in a single game.

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World of Warcraft: Dragonflight: How to Get Hidden Hornswog Hoard Treasure



World of Warcraft: Dragonflight: How to Get Hidden Hornswog Hoard Treasure

The new expansion of World of Warcraft has a ton of new items and secrets hidden in the zones of Dragon Isles. Players can explore all four zones to find all the useful items but some items are not easy to get and one of the treasures that is a bit complicated to get is the Hidden Hornswog Hoard Treasure. This treasure is located near the Ruby Life Pools area but it requires a riddle to be solved in order to get it.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get hidden Hornswog Hoard Treasure in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.

Hidden Hornswog Hoard Treasure

As most of the players would take a break from leveling up in Dragon Isles and go out exploring in Waking Shores. They might run into a treasure named Hidden Hornswog Hoard near the Ruby Life Pools area. This treasure is hidden behind a giant frog who will not move out of the way. You can try many tricks with dragon mount or any other mount but the frog will not let you go inside the cave behind him. If you look closely at the area around the cave, you will find a book that has a riddle written inside it. The players will have to solve a riddle to get access to the cave. So, now players will have to look for certain items to solve the riddle.

Solving the Riddle

The riddle will tell you to mix some specific ingredients and give the treat to the Swog to get access to the cave. Now, there are three items that you need to find and then combine them together to make a treat. We’ll go over all three items that you need to collect and tell you their exact locations.

Well-Preserved Bone

The first ingredient that you need to get is the Well-Preserved Bone that can be found at the top of the tower in the Life Vault Ruins area in the Waking Shores. To get to the exact tower and location, go to 66.18 55.29 coordinates.

Marmoni’s Prize

The second ingredient that you need to get is Marmoni’s Prize which can be found in one of the boxes behind the tent in Dragonscale Basecamp in the Waking Shores. To get to the exact tent and location, go to 47.74 83.53 coordinates.

Adventurer’s Lost Soap Bar

The third and last ingredient that you need to get is Adventurer’s Lost soap Bar which can be found in a barrel filled with water in the Wild Preserve area in the Waking Shores. To get to the exact Barrel and location, go to 39.60 84.70 coordinates.

After getting all the ingredients, you need to go back to the hidden Hornswog Hoard treasure’s location and click on one of the items in your bag to combine all three of the collected items. After that, players need to throw the combined treat at Swog and he will begin to eat the treat and the players will be able to go inside the cave.

The cave has a treasure chest from which players will get a Battle Pet named “Roseate Hopper”. It is a purple Frog that is an Aquatic type Battle Pet and players can use it while they are facing the enemies to have some assistance in the battle. Players will also get around 4,000 to 5,000 Experience Points for opening the treasure chest.

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