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Rainbow Six Extraction: How to Rescue Agents Easier



Rainbow Six Extraction: How to Rescue Agents Easier

These are the best strategies that you can use to rescue a lost operator in Rainbow Six Extraction.

The cooperative multiplayer aspect of Rainbow Six Extraction makes collaboration between all the members essential, but it is likely that at some particular moment in the battle we will lose one of the operators, and that is a problem.

When we lose one of these operators, we can no longer select them until they are rescued, so rescue missions are essential on the maps in which we have lost the corresponding operator, and we want to give you a series of tips in this regard.

So we offer you a series of tips and strategies so that you can rescue all the agents or operators in Rainbow Six Extraction much easier, something that will save you from the occasional headache when they are captured by the aliens.

Rainbow Six Extraction: How to Rescue Agents Easier

Basically, once you lose any of the operators during a raid, they are marked with a red gas mask icon in the menus.

To rescue an operator you must start a raid in the same area where you lost it and find it as soon as you can.

Well, when you try to rescue your operator we recommend that you play alone, basically because you will be able to carry out this rescue in a much more direct way, without the need to join random players.

Of course, if you are going to play alone, you must change the difficulty level to the lowest, recalibrating the map with less numerous and less damaging enemies, which will facilitate the rescue company.

You can also use your pulse and scouting ability to locate the missing scout, which will make it stand out better on the map and we can then use ping to identify it.

To go faster you could even skip objectives and go directly to the operator, who can be in the first or second zone, depending on the case.

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