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Rainbow Six Extraction: How to Cure Agents



Rainbow Six Extraction: How to Cure Agents

Are your agents hurt? Don’t know how to recover health in raids? In that case, here we show you how to heal idle agents in Rainbow Six Extraction.

The deadliest alien infection has already arrived on our PCs and consoles. Indeed, Rainbow Six Extraction is already available in stores, as well as on the Xbox Game Pass service.

This cooperative science fiction and horror shooter is based on Rainbow Six Siege, betting on the usual tactical combat in the saga. Ubisoft has confirmed more news for the game in the coming months.

It won’t be easy to survive Rainbow Six Extraction, but you need to be clear about which agents are the best to start playing, their strengths, and their weaknesses. Sure, they have to be healthy…

And that’s what we’re going to talk about today. If you have your agents injured and you don’t know how to get them back, here is How to Heal Agents in Rainbow Six Extraction .

Rainbow Six Extraction: How to Cure Agents

In Rainbow Six Extraction it will be common for our agents to suffer damage since the alien creatures in the game are tough to beat. Be very careful and always cover your back.

As long as we only suffer some damage, we can recover health thanks to the agent Doc, who specializes in healing. He can heal himself, and also shoot stimulants at his teammates.

The problem comes when our agent loses a lot of health (the HP bar) and an orange message appears indicating that it is ”Inactive”. This means that the agent in question is not available for combat.

In case your agents are in this state, you will not be able to heal them with Doc. There is only one way to make that “Inactive” disappear, and until you do it you will not be able to count on these agents.

When is this message displayed? Well, when an agent loses a lot of health (up to a certain threshold), it should not be confused with the red message (Missing), which indicates a different factor.

The only way to heal your agents in Rainbow Six Extraction is to start new raids with other agents and fulfill mission objectives. This will make us gain experience (XP) and also health points (HP).

Therefore, it could be said that health comes from the harvested experience. It is not necessary to complete the raid 100%, but if we do, we will get more health points and XP .

Why is the game’s regeneration system like this? Well, to encourage players to try different agents. Many times it will not be possible for you to choose your favorite character, as it will be inactive.

In this way, if an agent in question is injured (and we will not be able to choose it), we must play another raid with a different agent, and get XP and HP to heal him. As simple as that.

What do we do if an agent is missing? In such a case, it will not serve you with health points, and you will have to start a rescue mission. Don’t worry, because it won’t be gone forever.

Once you start the rescue mission, you will get XP and HP to heal other agents, and it will be completed when you have recovered the missing agent. It is recommended to finish the missions at 100%, so keep that in mind.

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