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How Rainbow Six Extraction raids work: Missions and objectives



How Rainbow Six Extraction raids work: Missions and objectives

Rainbow Six Extraction raids are missions that take place across three maps, or “danger zones” , with their objectives or sub-objectives. How you solve each mission is up to you, and since the game encourages you to respect stealth , if things get too messy from messing around, you can walk away at any time.

This also translates into a certain balance between risk and reward, in the sense that the more you advance in raids with your team, the more difficult it will be for you, but also the greater the rewards .

Now, Extraction has many types of raids, and even after playing several times some details are not entirely clear unless you really study what to do and how. Shall we tell you? Let’s go!

What are Rainbow Six Extraction raids?

Raids are quite simply the main type of missions in Extraction . They are developed throughout various locations with their objectives that propose you to destroy the archaea , disable their defenses or carry out study tasks to learn from them.

There are four regions: New York, San Francisco, Alaska, and Truth or Consequences (yes, it’s a city in New Mexico). Each one acts as a kind of individual campaign , and each one has three risk zones. In turn, these are divided into three secondary zones , which correspond to the type of objectives you can clear.

When loading the game both you and your teammates will be able to see what type of objectives you will have to complete, and that is right before you choose your agents . If we talked to you before about that balance between risk and reward, it was because in each secondary zone there are extraction points. The key is to get out on time if things get ugly. You’ll see how exciting it is when the arches start to give you the hair and you have to go in an epic way!

On the other hand, you also have the airlocks , which separate each subzone, and inside which you can find first aid kits, ammunition boxes, skill recharge boxes and also REACT accessories (grenades, mines, life shots, etc.) .

Keep in mind that completing an objective does not imply finishing that area. At that point, you can continue clearing the map of enemies to gain experience, request an extraction, or move on to the next subzone. Knowing all this information, we can already talk about the different objectives that you can find in the raids.

All Rainbow Six Extraction Raid Objectives

  • Biopsy – Kill an Alpha Archaea using a REACT Knife. To do this, you will have to approach her stealthily. In case she sees you, you’re going to need to incapacitate her. You can do this with Vigil’s Disruptor or REACT technology like Smoke Grenades.
  • Hunting – Kill a specific number of Archean Variants to lure an Alpha-type, then kill it. Keep in mind that this last archaea will be much more powerful than it usually is, even if it is a very basic type of enemy.
  • Decontamination – Destroy all Impure Nodes and Malignant Neoplasm on the map. Find a room with a lot of nodes and get rid of them. Hurry up, because when you attack the first node, the rest will activate and start producing archaea. Once you’re done, look for the neoplasm and kill it.
  • Serial Scanner – In this case, your goal is to find and activate the Catalyst Emitter installed in that secondary zone. As you do so, three zones will appear (one after the other) that you must place the three agents on to clear them. It is important that you do not move away from them, first because you will reduce the time they take and, second, because you will attract arches, and you will have to put yourself in Rambo mode to repel them.
  • Specimen: This mission is a lot of fun. You will have to attract the attention of archaea and attract it to the extraction area to study it. Obviously, avoid shooting weak points, because if he dies, you will fail the mission. Oh, if you want a tip: have someone from the team stand at the extraction point to hit the button as soon as you arrive with the beast behind.
  • Disable: Take a walk to the Extraction Pod and retrieve the REACT Canisters. Then insert them into the “chimera feeding node root system”. In this type of mission you have two main problems. On the one hand, the cylinders are volatile, and on the other hand, most of the archaea that you will find are, precisely, of the explosive ones…
  • No one is left behind: if you are unlucky enough to drop someone on your team during a raid, they will become a kind of Cheeto (or risketo, or KFC chicken piece). At that time, you must take it to the extraction point to save it. A little further down you have another related objective in case you stay or leave someone behind …
  • Nest Tracker: Look for dormant nests and inject them with trackers. You will only be able to do your job if the nests in question are inactive, asleep, bored, etc. If not, you won’t be able to do anything. If you destroy a nest with a tracker already injected, you’ll have to find another one to put on it. Stealth, firewood!
  • Rescue: In this case, the target is a field investigator who has been left behind. It is important to consider that it is not the personnel with tactical training. They do know how to walk and run, but they have to go hand in hand, so you can only use your secondary weapon . Take care of getting them quickly to the extraction station and voila.
  • Agent rescue: in this case, it is your turn to rescue your lost agent in combat. This option will appear automatically in the subzone in which you lost it in the first instance. Find the archean tree holding your agent and pull it up while your team shoots the tendrils and anchor points to weaken the column. Once in your arms, take him to the extraction station, you know. By the way, even if you don’t rescue him, he will end up returning to your squad, albeit without the experience of the mission he stayed on.
  • Sabotage: to complete this objective you will have to prepare well. Once you find the archaean column and place the explosive charges, you will have to defend them from all the archaea that will appear. If they manage to deactivate any charges you will fail, so take care of organizing your defenses well first.
  • Triangulation – Find three seismic stations within the secondary zone and prepare to activate them in order. Once you activate the first, you have a few seconds to activate the second and then the third, so you must coordinate with your teammates or run like hell.

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