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List of Skyrim achievements and trophies



List of Skyrim achievements and trophies

Being how big Skyrim is, it’s no wonder the number of achievements and trophies it has is massive. Counting its DLCs and the base game, we are facing 75 unlockables that are not easy to cover. Therefore, today we bring the list that you must follow if you want to get them all.

To make it easier to navigate, I have divided everything between base Skyrim and each of its expansions, so you can easily follow the list and easily locate that achievement or trophy that is giving you a hard time.

List of Skyrim achievements and trophies

Base Skyrim Trophy List

RELEASEComplete the main mission “Liberation”.
BLEAK FALLS BURIAL MOUNDComplete the main quest “Grim Falls Barrow”.
THE WAY OF THE VOICEComplete the main quest “The Path of the Voice”.
DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITYComplete the main mission “Diplomatic Immunity”.
ALDUIN’S WALLComplete the main quest “Alduin’s Wall”.
ANCIENT KNOWLEDGEComplete the main quest “Ancient Knowledge”.
THE FALLENComplete the main quest “The Fallen One”.
DRAGONS KILLERComplete the main quest “Dragon Slayer”.
TO THE WEAPONSJoin the Companions guild.
BLOOD OATHBecome a member of the Circle by continuing with The Companions missions.
THE GLORY OF THE DEADComplete the “Glory of the Dead” mission of The Companions.
GATE GUARDIANGain access to the College of Winterhold.
REVEALING THE UNSEENComplete the quest “Revealing the Unseen” in the College of Winterfell.
THE EYE OF MAGNUSComplete the quest “The Eye of Magnus” from the College of Winterfell.
IN CHARGE OF BUSINESSJoin the Thieves Guild.
THE RETURN OF DARKNESSComplete the Thieves Guild quest “Return of Darkness”.
ONE WITH THE SHADOWSComplete all Thieves Guild quests. Finish 5 small jobs given by Delvin Mallory and Vex in Whiterun, Windalia, Markarth, and Soledad to unlock 1 special assignment in each city. Once you do that, you will unlock “One with the Shadows”.
WITH FRIENDS LIKE THIS…Join the Dark Brotherhood.
UNTIL DEATH SEPARATES THEMComplete the mission “Till Death Do Them Part” for the Dark Brotherhood.
HAIL SITHIS!Complete the mission “Hail, Sithis!” of the Dark Brotherhood.
TAKING SIDESJoin the Stormcloaks or the Imperial army.
WAR HEROCapture Fort Sungard or Fort Green Wall during Civil War missions.
HERO OF SKYRIMCapture Soledad or Ventalia during the Civil War missions.
SIDEWAYSComplete 10 side quests. Keep in mind that the ones from the guilds will not work if they advance their story, but they will count if they have nothing to do with it.
VILLAGE HEROComplete 50 miscellaneous objectives.
HARD WORKERChop wood, mine ore, and cook.
THIEFPick 50 locks and pick 50 pockets.
SNAKE TONGUESuccessfully persuades, bribes and intimidates.
BLESSINGSelect a blessing from a menhir.
MENHIRSFind all 13 menhirs.
CITIZENBuy a house.
WANTEDEscape from a prison.
MARRIEDget married.
ARCHITECTMake a blacksmith item, an enchanted item, and a potion.
MASTER CRIMINALReward of 1,000 gold in all nine counties.
GOLDEN TOUCHAccumulate 100,000 gold.
DEEPClear 50 dungeons.
SKILL MASTERGet a skill to 100.
EXPLORERDiscover 100 locations.
READERRead 50 skill books.
DAEDRIC INFLUENCEObtain a Daedric Artifact.
OBLIVION WALKERCollect 15 Daedric Artifacts. Note that there are two that you can miss, making the achievement impossible. In order for this not to happen, you will need to take into account the following quests: “A Daedra’s Best Friend” (where you must choose not to kill Barabás) and “The Whispering Gate” (which you must complete before the Civil War missions) .
DRAGON SOULAbsorb a dragon soul.
DRAGON SLAYERAbsorb 20 dragon souls.
WORDS OF POWERLearn the three words of a scream.
MASTER OF THE THU’UMLearn 20 shouts.
APPRENTICEReach level 5.
SKILLEDReach level 10.
EXPERTReach level 15.
TEACHERReach level 50.

Dawnguard DLC Trophy List

WAKEFinish the main quest “Awakening” of the Dawn Watch.
BEYOND DEATHFinish the main quest “Beyond Death” from the Dawnwatch or Vampires.
BROTHERLY JUDGMENTFinish the main quest “Brotherly Judgment” from either the Dawnwatch or the Vampires.
LOST IN THE EONSComplete the “Lost in the Aeons” side quest, which can be found in the Dwemer Ruins.
SOUL TEARLearn all three words of Soul Tear.
AURIEL’S BOWUse the special power of Auriel’s Bow.
LYCANTHROPY MASTERYAcquire 11 werewolf perks.
VAMPIRISM DOMAINAcquire 11 vampire perks.
THE NEW YOUChange your face.
LEGENDDefeat a legendary dragon.

Dragonborn DLC Trophy List

STRANGERHe arrives at Solstheim.
MIRAAK’S TEMPLEFinish the main quest “Miraak’s Temple”.
ON TOP OF APOCRYPHAFinish the main quest “On top of Apocrypha”.
DRAGON SKINLearn all three words of Dragon Aspect.
HIDDEN KNOWLEDGELearn the secrets of the 5 Black Books.
STALHRIM CRAFTSMANMake a stalhrim item.
DRAGON RIDERTame and ride 5 dragons.
OWNER AT RAVEN ROCKAcquire a house in Raven Rock.
SOLSTHEIM EXPLORERDiscover all 30 locations on the island of Solstheim.

Hearthfire DLC Trophy List

PARENT PRIDEAdopt a child.
FARMERBuy a parcel.
ARCHITECTBuild three wings of a house.
LANDOWNERIt builds on three plots.
MASTER ARCHITECTBuild three houses.

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