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All 28 Unown location in Pokémon Legends: Arceus



All 28 Unown location in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

In Pokémon Legends: Arceus, if you follow the main storyline in the Red Swamp, you will automatically encounter an Unown during a conversation with Professor Laven. The Professor will then add the Unown Research Notes to your Pokédex, and you’ll be able to search for the 28 forms, which are very well hidden. In this guide we show you all locations of the Unown!

How do you find the Unown

The letter Pokémon have found hiding places all over the Hisui region. The research notes will give you clues as to where each Unown is located. Since the Unown are letters, you have to decode the notes to get the hint. If you have found an Unown, you have to throw a Poké Ball directly at the monster to catch it. You cannot challenge it to a fight. The catch rate is 100%, so the attempt cannot fail.

What does Unown search do?

Unfortunately, the reward for this quite difficult task is not so lucrative. You must complete the task mainly to complete Unown’s Pokédex entry and reach research level 10 . If you want to have a perfect Pokédex, you have to do it imperatively.

In addition, the captured Unown Forms can appear in the Ruins of Solace in the Red Marsh, where you can capture them again if needed. In the event that you have an Unown form e.g. B. Accidentally released. Below we show you the localities of all forms.

A – Unown

Research Note Reference: A SETTLEMENT OF THE TIME

Location: Go to the Diamond Settlement in the Red Swamp. The Unown hangs on the peak of the roof behind the northeastern house.

B- Unown

Research note reference: ONE ISLAND, ONE VOLCANO, LOOKUP

Location: Travel to Firebreathing Island in Cobalt Shores. You have to climb up the cliff on the west side with Snieboss. Where the Elite Vulnona is located. Look up the volcano here to find the Unown.

C – Unown

Research note reference: TEMPLE RUINS, ONE PILLAR

Location: Make your way to the Elysia Temple Ruins in the Crater Mountain Highlands. The Unown is hiding there on a pillar that you have to climb up with Snieboss.

D – Unown

Research note reference: FIELDS OF GOLD, A FIRE PIT, A TREE STUMP

Location: North of the base camp in the Red Marsh you will find the fireplace and the tree stump on which the Unown rests. You already know this place from the main story, because you fought the bandit group here.


Research Note Reference: A GROVE, A POND, A LONELY TREE

Location: In the far north-east of the obsidian grasslands you will find the lonely tree on a small island near the hardship grove. The Unown is stuck in the tree here.

Note: The guide will soon be expanded to include more map locations!

F- Unown


G- Unown

Research note reference: OBSIDIAN, A WATERFALL, THE PEAK

H- Unown

Research note reference: A VILLAGE ENTRANCE

I- Unown

Research note reference: A LAKE OF EMOTIONS, AN ISLAND

J- Unown

Research Note Reference: ONE QUARRY, ONE GAP

K- Unown

Research note reference: FOG, RUINS, A STACK OF STONE

L- Unown

Research note reference: TWO FALLS, ONE CAVE, ONE DEAD END

M- Unown

Research note reference: MUD, A FALLEN TREE

N- Unown

Research note reference: ON THE SEA, TWO HORNS

O- Unown

Research note reference: AN ICE WORLD, THREE PILLARS


Research note reference: A POND OF FAIRIES, A FLOWERS MEADOW

Q – Unown

Research note reference: ONE SEA, ONE SPRING, TWO TREES

R- Unown

Research Note Reference: ONE KAP, ONE TOMB

S – Unown

Research Note Reference: ONE RIVER, ONE DAM, ONE BRANCH

T- Unown




V- Unown

Research Note Reference: A WIDE RED MOOR, A DEAD TREE

W- Unown


X- Unown

Research Note Hint: A GIANT TREE, CLIMB UP


Research note reference: A FROZEN WATERFALL, CLIMB UP


Research Note Reference: ONE BEACH, ONE WRECK


Research note reference: ONE SPA, ONE DEAD TREE


Research note reference: QUARTERS, A CLOTHES RAIL

Unown Location Table

TOCrimson PantanalIt is located on the roof of one of the stores in Poblado Diamante.
B.Cobalt CoastIt is located on the volcano of Spitfire Island.
CHillside CrownOn top of one of the ruined pillars.
DCrimson PantanalIt is in the fire extinguished.
ANDObsidian MeadowOn the small island, in a tree.
FHillside CrownIt is located quite high, near the peak of the mountain. Look to the sky.
GObsidian MeadowAt the top of the waterfall, look down and you’ll see him.
HJubilee VillaAt the entrance, on the welcome sign.
IObsidian MeadowBehind the entrance to Lake Valor.
JHillside CrownIn one of the gaps in the wall, in the tunnel under Ancient Quarry.
KCrimson PantanalOn top of a pile of rocks.
LHillside CrownInside the cave.
MCrimson PantanalVery close to the area where you fight Ursaluna.
NCobalt CoastAt the two giant rocks, look up and you will see it.
ORtundra dawnInside the underground cave, in one of the ice pillars.
PHillside CrownIn the field of flowers, take a good look.
QCobalt CoastIn a tree outside the cave.
RCobalt CoastOn one of the cliffs in the Big Fish’s Lair.
YESObsidian MeadowAt the dam created by the Bidoofs.
Ttundra dawnIn Iceberg Avalugg, in one of the ice formations.
ORtundra dawnAlmost on top of a rock at the top of the waterfall.
VCrimson PantanalOn a tree inside one of the mud pools.
WJubilee VillaAt the Magikarp statue, almost at the top.
XObsidian MeadowOn one of the logs in the boss arena.
Ytundra dawnIt’s in the frozen waterfall, on one of the ledges.
ZCobalt CoastOn the beached ship, on the mast.
!tundra dawnAt the top of a tree in the Termas Nevavista.
?Jubilee VillaHanging from a pole to hang clothes.

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