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Fishing in Skyrim – This is how the new feature works



Fishing in Skyrim - This is how the new feature works

What is the best way to celebrate your birthday? If Bethesda has its way, it will be fishing! Because to celebrate the ten-year anniversary of Skyrim, there is a new angel feature for owners of the Special and Anniversary Editions.

In our guide, we explain how to unlock fishing, where to find fishing points, and how fishing works in Skyrim.

How do I unlock fishing?

To unlock fishing in the Anniversary or Special Edition of Skyrim, you first have to download the free feature. To do this, click on “Creation Club” in the main menu. You can now find the fishing feature under the tab “Gameplay”. Download it to install.

How do you start fishing in the game? To do this, you first have to find a pivot. These are located on rivers and can sometimes be identified by tents, boats, or scaffolding for drying fish. Often, however, there is only some fishing equipment around. If you start a new game, you will find some fishing points directly on the way from Helgen to Flusswald.

If you discover such a point, you will automatically receive your first fishing rod and instructions for fishing. At the same time, you unlock the new quest line »Fishing Friends«.

How does the fishing work?

You can only fish at the designated points. If you have found a place to fish, you must first equip your fishing rod. It works as usual: you click on your weapons in the menu and assign the rod to your right hand. Important: If you have not equipped the fishing rod, you cannot interact with the fishing rod.

Fishing itself does not require a lot of skill. Animal Crossing fans should feel right at home here too. If you throw out the fishing rod, you just have to wait for something to bite. A fish will first pull briefly on your hook several times. So don’t get your fishing rod straight away. Wait for the tug to get stronger and the water to curl around your string. Then pull your fishing rod back in with the E button. Congratulations, you’ve caught your first fish. Or even a bucket – because not every fishing attempt is successful. Sometimes you also pull scrap ashore.

Incidentally, if the water does not ripple at all, then there are no more fish at this point. If so, just find another place to fish or wait a while before returning to the same point.

How many species of fish are there? In addition to the six fish species from the original game, the update adds 20 new species. Some of them can still be caught by hand, but some can only be pulled ashore with a fishing rod. For certain types of fish, you have to go to certain places – it is best to read books about fishing that explain which fish can be found in which waters.

Where can I get a fishing rod?

Your first fishing rod is waiting for you directly at the fishing points. You can simply collect these and equip them directly. Many vendors also sell fishing rods. Have a look under the heading »Weapons«. The Rifton Fisheries also have plenty of fishing spots lying around. If you don’t want to spend gold on your fishing hobby, you can … borrow some there.

Where can I find the pivot points?

You can find pivots all over Skyrim, just keep your eyes open. However, if you don’t feel like stumbling through the world looking for something, stop by dealers. Some of them sell maps that show fishing spots.

If you follow the quest “Fishing Friends” to the fishery in Rifton and talk to Virina there, she will tell you the first point of contact for fishing permits Belethor’s grocery store in Whiterun.

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