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Jurassic World Evolution 2: Selling Dinos



Jurassic World Evolution 2: Trophies and Achievements Guide

If you offer your dinosaurs for sale in Jurassic World Evolution 2, you can not only use them to free up space in enclosures but also get a little money. We explain to you how you can sell your dinosaurs.

How can you sell dinosaurs at Jurassic World Evolution 2?

In order to be able to sell your dinosaurs at all, you must have a support system. As soon as you have built this, you can stun the dinosaurs. Once you have erected the building, proceed as follows:

  • Select the capture team and use it to stun the dinosaur you want to sell.
  • If the animal is stunned, select the transport from the menu on the left.
  • Then highlight the selected dinosaur and select the button that says “Sell Saurians” (see picture below). On the PlayStation, it’s the triangle.
  • A window will open in which you will be informed about the sales amount and which will inform you that the process cannot be reversed .

Why should I sell my dinosaurs?

Selling dinosaurs makes sense if you need space in the enclosure for better animals. As soon as you have completely built up the park, you will have to clean up your enclosures.

If you unlock dinosaurs that have a higher attraction for guests, then you should sell those with a lower attraction and replace them with the better ones. But keep in mind that you then have to adapt the enclosure to the needs of the new dinosaurs in order to achieve a high level of comfort.

You will certainly not want to sell your dinosaurs in order to earn money with them. If you look closely, you will find that the prices that are offered to you are much lower than the costs that were incurred for getting the fossils and hatching the animals. If you sell fossils, you will generate more income.

However, if your park is about to generate a minus, then you can try to avert the crisis by selling the dinosaurs. But that alone will not be enough and you will have to take further measures.

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