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Level up quickly in Battlefield 2042: Our tips to farm XP



Battlefield 2042 Player Count in 2023

Battlefield 2042 is here and is currently struggling with numerous problems – such as the annoying bloom effect, which with its random factor makes many assault rifles almost unplayable at the moment:

At the moment, the best solution is to unlock a powerful submachine gun or DMR and use them to go into battle. But first of all, a lot of experience points and levels have to be collected.

If you now want to know how to level up quickly in BF 2042 and get a lot of XP, you should definitely continue reading this article.

Our tips for quick XP

Reconnaissance drone: Ok, it may not be the most exciting way to earn experience points, but it is incredibly effective. Instead of actively participating in the fighting yourself, you help your team by simply marking all possible enemy troops and vehicles with your reconnaissance drone.

To do this, of course, you have to choose the specialist Casper, who is the only one who can access this gimmick. The method works best in the game mode Breakthrough, which many veterans should also know under the name Rush. There is actually always a real front where many opponents cavort – in Conquest it is much more difficult to find so many enemies at once.

Find a safe place, fly your drone to the front and just look down at the enemies to mark them. Each marked enemy grants only 5 XP at first, but if he is eliminated by your team, there is another 50 XP for an assist on top.

In addition, you earn tons of ribbons for assists and reconnaissance, each of which gives you additional experience points. So at the end of a 15-minute game, 15,000 XP can quickly come together. In longer matches that span several sectors, the number increases accordingly.

Ribbons: If you don’t crouch in a corner all the time and want to fly your drone over the battlefield, you can of course also quickly earn experience in the normal game.

The best option here is to keep the ribbons in the back of your mind and work towards them in a targeted manner – for example by choosing a suitable specialist. With 500 to 1,000 XP per loop, these are really worthwhile if you want to move up in rank quickly.

The following ribbons are available:

  • Wingman: Awarded for assists or resuscitation of team members.
  • Combat: For the battle loop, all you have to do is destroy enemy soldiers and vehicles. It doesn’t matter whether you do it on foot or from a vehicle.
  • Intel: For this, you have to mock enemies, for example – as described above – with the reconnaissance drone.
  • Objective: Whoever helps his team to victory directly by earning, defending and holding points can earn this ribbon.
  • Logistics: The last ribbon is given to good team players who heal their friends, supply them with ammunition or repair their vehicles with tools.

What you should absolutely avoid

Shortly after the start of early access for EA Play subscribers and buyers of the Gold and Premium Editions, there was a method with which one could collect a lot of XP in a very short time on the servers of the Battlefield Portal mode – up to thirty levels should have been possible here for mowing down unarmed bots per hour:

These XP farm servers were nerfed by Dice after just a few hours, and there is no longer any experience with killing bots. However, countless servers named XP Farm are still rampant in the server list.

However, these are a trap: Bots do not exist here, but only two unequal teams. While one goes into battle fully armed, the other serves only as cannon fodder. That is why many ignorant players end up on the battlefield with a knife in hand and are riveted straight to the ground.

Although DICE was very quick to fix the XP exploit, Battlefield 2042 is plagued by many other problems that significantly reduce the fun of the game. Our experts tell you here what the developers should fix with the first major patch.

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