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Battlefield 2042: What is Battlefield Portal and how does it work?



Battlefield 2042: What is Battlefield Portal and how does it work?

Battlefield 2042 allows us, of course, to play new content with weapons and maps that are released in the saga. However, also it included Battlefield Portal, which lets you play maps from previous games in the shooter war.

What is Battlefield Portal?

Battlefield Portal is, in essence, a kind of completely custom game mode. From this completely new option, you can create, share or play custom games, with conditions adjusted according to what the creator wants to offer.

How does Battlefield Portal work?

  • First, you must go to the Battlefield Portal website. You can use it even without having Battlefield 2042.
  • Once there, log in with your EA account (it is essential to create games in BF Portal ).
  • Once there, if you want to create a game, you have to click on “Create something new” .
  • You will go to the next screen:
    • Here, the first thing to do is select the Game Mode : from left to right you have Assault, Conquest, Big Conquest, TCT: Team, and Battle Royale .
    • Now that you have chosen the mode, you have to move on to the Map Rotation . Depending on the mode you’ve chosen, you’ll be able to choose between Battlefield 2042 maps or the classic Battlefield 1942, Bad Company 2, or Battlefield 3 maps .
    • Please note that there are some maps that are not available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions .
  • The following steps correspond to the full customization of the game: player limit, fixed weapon points, friendly fire, fall damage, even the possibility of crouching or not being left to your choice.
  • You can also modify the interface of the players to eliminate the compass, the map … you can create an extreme interface, without any help, that forces the participants to be experts in the game.
  • One option that can come in handy is to fill the available player slots with bots. Of course, you can also modify its AI to your liking.
  • The next thing is to choose the restrictions.
  • Here you can decide which characters, weapons, vehicles, or mods you allow and which you don’t.
  • Finally, you just have to give your game a name and description to upload and play or share it, so that anyone can enjoy it.

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