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Halo Infinite: The best way to get fast experience in multiplayer



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We tell you how you can gain experience faster in Halo Infinite to be able to level up quickly in multiplayer.

The multiplayer mode of Halo Infinite is here and with it a good dose of online action in the purest style of the renowned Xbox saga.

However, some things have changed and now Halo Infinite has a battle pass whose progression may be too slow. How to move faster? There are a few ways to get experience fast.

Halo Infinite: The best way to get fast experience in multiplayer

The best way to get experience quickly is by completing the daily and weekly challenges since these are the ones that allow you to get the most points to advance through the battle pass.

In addition, those who have the Premium Pass will be able to access a fourth extra challenge that will give them more EXP. These challenges range from winning a series of games, accumulating kills, and other challenges.

Another way is to use improvements or increases in experience points. These are consumable items that are integrated into the Premium Pass and that can be obtained by paying, they allow you to get more EXP than normal, but they only have one use.

A little tip, use one of these improvements just before completing a challenge to get some extra points.

The other and the fastest option is to buy each level of the battle pass. In case you have more money, Halo Infinite allows you to unlock each of the levels of your pass by paying a certain amount of money.

This will allow you to advance as much as you want or as you are willing to pay. Although the figure, we already warned you, is quite exorbitant considering the cost of the battle pass.

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