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Halo Infinite: These vehicles are there – an overview



Halo Infinite: These vehicles are there - an overview

In both multiplayer sessions and campaigns, vehicles can be very powerful tools if used correctly. We provide an overview of the playable vehicles in Halo Infinite.

Mobile combat units: There is a wide range of vehicles to choose from in Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite: UNSC and Exiled vehicles at a glance

Three of the four exiled vehicles are all single-seaters, but they differ in terms of design, driving behavior, drive type, and armament:

  • Brute Chopper (rolling with heavy attack front wheel, plasma cannon)
  • Ghost (floating, with plasma cannon)
  • Banshee (floating, with plasma cannon and bomb-thrower)
  • In addition, the Wraith is a kind of tank for two people.

The UNSC vehicles differ even more from one another. Together with the special variants, the following list results:

  • The Mongoose is small, light, and agile. Behind the driver is a rear-facing seat for another person.
  • The modification is called Gungoose and has two machine guns at the front.
  • The Warthog offers space for three people, one of whom can operate a machine gun in the back of the loading area.
  • The Rocket Warthog uses a double rocket launcher instead of the machine gun.
  • The Razorback is based on the Warthog but is more heavily armored and offers space for four players. In return, no armament is installed.
  • The Scorpion is a large, heavy tank for three people.
  • There is also a real aircraft for one person in Halo Infinite under the name Wasp. This is not overly armored, but armed (machine gun and rocket launcher), agile and allows extreme mobility on the map.

The choice is bigger than ever and that means many tactical options depending on the map and the situation.

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