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Halo Infinite ending explained: what the legendary post-credits scene means



Halo Infinite ending explained: what the legendary post-credits scene means

We explain the ending of Halo Infinite, the content of its post-credits scene, and everything it means so that you have no doubts.

Have you finished the Halo Infinite campaign yet? Have you been wanting to know what is beyond the point and part of the story that the game tells? Did you know that there is a difference in the game’s post-credit scene? Here we tell you everything.

To understand everything that happens in the final Halo Infinite arc we have to go back a bit in time and throw in some context. Halo Infinite takes place 18 months after the events of Halo 5 Guardians .

Halo Infinite ending explained: what the post-credits scene means

In all this time Cortana has not exactly been on vacation and, as a legend would say, “she has had it brown.”

So much so that he has tried to turn to Atriox, leader of the Outcasts, so that he joins his not friendly cause, something that does not sneak in, implying that the brute has not come out well and has died.

This is where the mission of our favorite big man begins. The Master Chief must deploy Weapon, new artificial intelligence that has been created expressly to take down Cortana.

With the advance of the plot, it is revealed that apparently there is something more dangerous than the Flood parasites, they are called The Infinites and it is a species that the Forerunners tried to confine at the time and that they could be back since the Herald like this I anticipated it.

The Halo Infinite post-credits scene has a peculiarity and that is that, if it is completed in Legendary mode, you get an expanded view, in the form of audio, that reveals much more than the normal final scene.

After Arma talks to the Master Chief about the nature of that signal we mentioned earlier, he looks like a brute activates what appears to be a Forerunner device and a few slabs begin to unravel.

This device is the one that contains the information of all the species of the galaxy and what keeps the Eternals captive. What is revealed in the scene is that the brute is Atriox, who has survived Cortana after her scuffle and that he would be turning to the Infinites that are inside.

In the scene in legendary mode, a conversation with an unknown artificial intelligence dated 97,386 BCE can be heard in the Halo Zeta, 100,000 years before the events of the game, raising questions about the origin of the Infinites and whether they were truly locked up fairly.

This dialogue seems to refer to the moment in which this species is confined. There are many doubts for the next installment and it seems that, for now, they are going to stay that way. What do you expect about this story?

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