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Phasmophobia: ALL phrases and questions to talk to ghosts



Phasmophobia: ALL phrases and questions to talk to ghosts

We show you the complete list of phrases, questions, and voice commands to speak with the ghosts of Phasmophobia using your microphone. Find out how to interact with them and what happens when you do.

Interacting with the different ghosts of Phasmophobia is one of the funniest and most interesting mechanics that the game offers. However, communicating with the afterlife has its trick and that is that there are some phrases and questions that are useful for different purposes, such as obtaining evidence. That is why in this entry of our complete guide we compile all the phrases that you can say out loud to contact the spirits.

How to talk to ghosts?

First of all, before getting to the heart of the matter, a quick clarification. How do you talk to ghosts in Phasmophobia? Of course, the first requirement is to have configured our microphone (which can be independent or even the one that is integrated into our headphones).

After this step, the rest is simple, the game has two keys assigned to local and global voice chat during a game. In order for the ghosts to hear us, you have to press one of these keys. Now, this is useless if we don’t have the right tools. There are two objects by which you can talk to ghosts:

Contact the Spirit Box

The Spirit Box is a kind of radio frequency that can be activated to speak to ghosts. It is a basic item that is available in all missions from the beginning.

  • Not all ghosts respond by this means, but some do if we are in the same room as the entity or 3 meters away from its radius.
  • The lights should be off to facilitate communication.
  • Shy ghosts require you to be alone with them in a room to speak, with no other players.
  • The Spirit Box can work if it is thrown on the ground turned on and our voice is picked up within its reach.
  • Due to speech recognition, it is possible that poorly formulated sentences can be interpreted by ghosts as complete questions (even silly phrases or any sounds). Still, conventional questions have been shown to be much more likely to work successfully for the ghost to speak.

Communicate with an Oüija Board

The Oüija Board is a “cursed possession” type object that can be found on contract maps, generally in somewhat hidden places such as basements, attics, or closets, for example.

  • It is possible to turn on an Oüija board by left-clicking on it and talk to the ghost by pressing the voice chat key.
  • If the ghost answers a question an EMF Level 2 reading is generated around the board (and if the ghost is related to the EMF Level 5 test, there is a 25% chance that the answer will generate this evidence).
  • To stop using the board you have to say “bye” (goodbye) so that it is deactivated. If you don’t do it and walk away without saying so, the board will break and the ghost will start a hunt immediately.

Phrases, questions and commands for the Spirit Box

In case we want to communicate with the ghost through a Spirit Box, there are 4 types of questions that can be asked in different ways. Remember that if the Spirit Box does not return an answer or the message “Nothing detected” appears, it is likely that your microphone was not detected or you did not ask the question correctly.

These are all valid voice commands for the Spirit Box.

Years questions

This series of questions about the age of the ghost can help you contact us (and you can also tell us its age, which is randomly generated at the beginning of the mission).

  • “How old are you?”
  • “How young are you?”
  • “How old are you?”
  • “When you were born?”
  • “You’re a child?”
  • “You are old?”
  • “You’re young?”

Difficulty questions

With these questions, you will know how angry the ghost is. If you respond with “kill, kill, attack” or other violent phrases, it is possible that a hunt will soon begin and therefore it is recommended to flee or temporarily stop the use of the Spirit Box.

  • “What do you want?”
  • “Why are you here?”
  • “Do you want to hurt us?”
  • “You’re angry?”
  • “Do you want us here?”
  • “Let’s go?”
  • “We should go?”
  • “Do you want us to go?”
  • “What should we do?”
  • “We can help?”
  • “Is there a problem?”

Location questions

These questions serve to receive a random answer of how close the ghost is to us. If it is 4 meters or less, it will answer how close it is, while if it is more than 4 meters it will answer with a distance.

  • “Where are you?”
  • “You are close?”
  • “Can you show yourself?”
  • “Give us a sign”
  • “Let us know that you are here”
  • “Show yourself”
  • “You can talk?”
  • “Talk to us”
  • “Are you here?”
  • “You are with us?”
  • “Is there someone with us?”
  • “Anyone here?”
  • “Is there anyone in the room?”
  • “Is there a spirit here?”
  • “Is there a ghost here?”
  • “What is your location?”

As we have said, depending on the distance the ghost is, it can answer differently. If he is in the same room as you, he will answer with “Here” (here), “Close” or “Behind” (behind), while if he is in another nearby room he can answer with “Next”. “Away” (far) or “Far” (far away).

Personal questions

Personal questions about the ghost also help us to try to get you to contact us through the Spirit Box and can give us some information about your personality.

  • “You’re a girl?”
  • “You’re a boy?”
  • “You are a man?”
  • “You are a woman?”
  • “Who are you?”
  • “Who are you?”
  • “What are you?”
  • “Who are we talking to?”
  • “Who am I talking to?”
  • “Hello?”
  • “What is your name?”
  • “Can you give me your name?”
  • “What is your gender?”
  • “What gender are you?”
  • “Are you man or woman?”
  • “You are single?”

Phrases, questions and commands for the Oüija Board

Supposing that you find an Oüija board and want to use it to interact with the ghost, you should know that there are 7 types of questions with variations and voice commands that can be formulated (regardless of whether the ghost is shy or not), they are the following:

Age questions

  • “How old are you?”
  • “How old are you?”
  • “You are old?”
  • “You’re young?”

Death questions

  • “How long have you been dead?”
  • “How many years have you died?”
  • “How long have you been here?”
  • “How long have you died?”
  • “When you died?”

Location questions

The answer given by the ghost will be the room you are currently in. This is most likely the ghost’s favorite room, although if he is wandering it could simply be his passing location.

  • “Where are you?”
  • “What is your favorite room?”
  • “Where is your room?”
  • “What is your room?”
  • “Are you here?”
  • “You are close?”
  • “Are there spirits?”
  • “Are you around?”

Questions from victims

  • “Who did you kill?”
  • “Who is your victim?”
  • “What is the name of the person you killed?”
  • “What is the name of the person you murdered?”
  • “What is your victim?”
  • “Did you murder?”
  • “Who did you murder?”
  • “Who died?”

Questions about the room

The answers to these types of questions will be determined by the number of people in the room. If the ghost is in the same room as the Ouija board, the count adds up by one.

  • “How many are there in this room?”
  • “How many people are in this room?”
  • “How many people are here?”
  • “How many ghosts are in this room?”
  • “How many ghosts are there here?”
  • “You are alone?”
  • “We’re alone?”
  • “Who is here?”
  • “Who is in this room?”

Questions about sanity

There are a series of questions for the board that helps us to know our current sanity, something useful especially in the larger maps or in the Nightmare difficulty. Remember that the proportion of sanity you receive as an answer is always the equivalent to the one you have after asking the question.

  • “What is my sanity?” (Healthy> 80%, Good 60% -80%, Average 40% -60%, Bad 20% -40% or Awful <20%)
  • “How crazy am I?” (Not Very> 50%, Very 20% -50% or Insane <20%)
  • “I’m crazy?” (Maybe> 0% or Yes 0%)

Other types of questions

Here below we show you other types of different questions that you can ask before the board and that will yield different answers from the ghost:

  • Death method: “How did you die?” (it will tell you how he died).
  • Bone location: “Where is the bone?” (it will tell you where the bone is located on the map).
  • Yes or no questions: “Am I handsome?”, “Are we friends?”, “Do you hate me?”
  • Questions about the state: “How do you feel?”, “Are you okay?”
  • Purpose questions: “Why are you here?”
  • Hide and seek question: “Do you want to play hide and seek?” (There will be a countdown and the board will break, leading to a hunt).
  • Knock Knock joke: “Knock, knock!” (it’s a joke phrase).

Phrases to anger the ghost

Finally, we want to emphasize a series of phrases that can make ghosts very angry if they hear them. It is preferable to take them into account so as not to pronounce them, especially if we do not want to complicate our lives.

These are voice commands found by the community in the game code. They are basically a list of words and curses (in English) that can quickly anger ghosts, causing them to attack us.

  • “Fuck”
  • “Shit”
  • “Bitch”
  • “Cunt”
  • “Ass”
  • “Bastard”
  • “Motherfucker”
  • “Arsehole”
  • “Crap”
  • “Pussy”
  • “Dickhead”
  • “Bloody Mary”

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