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Phasmophobia: Sanity Effects, How To Increase It And Why Does It Decrease



We will discover how the sanity levels work in Phasmophobia, what things affect this percentage, what happens if it reaches 0 and how it can be recovered to survive longer.

In Phasmophobia, one of the parameters that we must continually pay attention to is our level of sanity. This is represented by a percentage for each player in the game and according to their number different activities will happen, being worrying the more you descend, since we will be at the mercy of suffering attacks from the fearsome ghosts. In this section of our complete guide, we reveal how you can regain sanity, what its effects are and how and for what reasons it descends.

What lowers sanity levels?

There are many reasons during a game why our sanity can drop. It must be made clear in advance that this is dangerous because the more sanity descends, the more likely we are to suffer hunts of the ghost of the moment and, therefore, it will be easier than we do not leave the contract alive.

Remember that you can check your sanity and those of your colleagues at any time from the truck, on one of the monitors where the percentages are reflected. Sanity always starts at 100% for everyone.

There are mainly two ways to lose sanity .

Passively lose sanity

If you are detained in dark areas, your sanity will gradually decline at a slow but steady rate. The percentage that is lost varies according to the difficulty of the contract:

  • 1x Descent Rate – On Amateur Difficulty.
  • 1.5x descent rate – Medium difficulty.
  • 2x Descent Rate – On Professional Difficulty.

Also if the ghost of the contract is a Yurei, your sanity drain will be greater than with others.

Actively lose sanity

Some specific situations can drastically lower your sanity, namely:

  • If you witness certain paranormal activities (such as dirty water in the taps, car alarms, etc …)
  • If you witness the bodily form of the ghost.
  • If you use any of the cursed possessions items.

Protection against sanity

Just as we can lose sanity, we can also protect ourselves against these losses. A good way to keep sanity from sinking is by lighting and placing candles in bedrooms. You can also turn on the house lights themselves, which will greatly prevent sanity from lowering.

On the other hand, if you stay inside the truck you will not lose your sanity since it is a safe place.

How can sanity be restored?

There is only one way to regain the sanity that you lose throughout the game. For this, you must buy sanity pills in the store and take them to your missions by adding them to the inventory.

  • These pills restore 40% sanity with each use.
  • You will never be able to regain sanity to 100% or more with the pills.
  • You can bring up to 4 cans of sanity pills to a contract.
  • The number of players in the game does not affect the number of pills you can carry.

In case you carry 4 pills, you can recover up to 160% sanity throughout the game, something that becomes quite vital in the more difficult contracts that occur on the largest maps, such as the school.

Note: alternatively, there are a couple of tarot cards that can restore your lost sanity (“The Sun” and “The Wheel of Fortune”, although their appearance is random and you run the risk of losing more sanity with other cards).

Effects of sanity

Sanity is in charge of controlling most of the paranormal interactions that occur in Phasmophobia. Sanity level thresholds limit what can and cannot happen and determine how often events occur (plus very low sanity is more likely to break cursed possessions and trigger hunts).

  • Ghostly Activities: These are calculated taking into account the ghost’s anger and the average sanity of all players within the building.
  • When sanity reaches 0: the player does not die instantly, nor does any special event activate, however when reaching this level there is a high probability of suffering a ghost attack right away.

Also, when sanity drops completely, the ghost will generally stop signaling and only attack players over and over again, as it has a nearly 90% chance that its next action will be to start a hunt. So if you get to this point, it is best to consume sanity pills as soon as possible (and if you don’t have them, it would be best if you flee the place to save your life).

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