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Halo Infinite: This is the purpose of Spartan Cores – all information



Halo Infinite: This is the purpose of Spartan Cores - all information

Halo Infinite is a shooter, not an RPG. Still, there is some sort of progression system in place for your Master Chief in the campaign. Spartan cores play a central role in this.

Even better: Spartan cores can significantly upgrade your Master Chief.

Halo Infinite: Spartan Cores enable powerful upgrades

In the Halo Infinite campaign, you will find the first three Spartan cores after the fight against Tremonius in the outpost area of ​​the same name.

  • With the help of the Spartan cores, you improve the power and effectiveness of your tools.
  • The first two categories that you can access are grappling hooks and shield core.
  • The improvement is possible in four stages.
  • The following always applies: You need a Spartan core for the first level, two cores for the second level, and three cores each for the third and fourth level.
  • For example, to fully upgrade the grapple, nine cores are required.

Since the upgrades are a huge improvement, you should always remain vigilant to collect as many cores as possible. After all: Overall, there are more cores distributed in the game than you need points to fully upgrade all five categories. So it’s no break-in not finding individual kernels.

You can carry out the improvements in the menu under “Upgrades”.

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