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How to equip death effects in Halo Infinite



How to equip death effects in Halo Infinite

This is how death effects can be equipped on Halo Infinite weapons, and it will likely go unnoticed.

Thanks to the cosmetics of the Halo license we have been able to customize our characters to be unique on the battlefield, and in Halo Infinite we also have the tradition of being able to make ourselves fully customizable and much more if we bet on different death effects.

And it is that a new element that is available in the Halo Infinite battle pass is reached at level 50, and it is the death effect.

So we are going to tell you exactly how these death effects are equipped to our weapons because thanks to them we can leave our imprint in combat.

How to equip death effects in Halo Infinite

Kill effects are cosmetics that flash on the body of a fallen enemy once we have eliminated it, and in this way, we can attract attention.

While at the time of this writing there is only one death effect, it is hoped that the development team will be able to include more as the weeks go by.

What we are really interested in knowing is how to equip death effects, and we must go to the customize tab at the top of the screen.

You should not go to the armor room, but you must go specifically to the weapon bank tab.

The killing effect must be applied to each weapon individually within the weapon bank.

So to equip one of these effects, select the weapon first, and then scroll to the right and select the death effect which is represented by two crossed bones.

After that, we can select the desired effect and then equip it to the weapon, but you will have to do this for each of the weapons in the weapon bank.

At this time death effects cannot be equipped to all weapons, only the UNSC.

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