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Halo Infinite – All Achievements and How to Get Them



Halo Infinite - All Achievements and How to Get Them

Today we bring you a complete guide with all the achievements of Halo Infinite. You can play online for free through different platforms such as Steam or Game Pass. You have below some details and later the entire list.

  • Platforms: PC ( Steam ), Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.
  • Hours for 100%: +40 hours approx.
  • Games for 100%: Various (Online)
  • Difficulty: It does not influence.

Halo Infinite has a total of 119 achievements. Divided between Campaign and Online.

Signing upComplete a daily challenge.
We have a job for youComplete a weekly challenge.
I’m ready. And you?Change the appearance of your Spartan in the appearance menu.
Maximum performanceScore 2,000 points in a match-based game.
Humble originsComplete a level in a Battle Pass.
Passion for fashionUse a new armor customization item.
Which of us is the machine?Get a new AI and equip it.
Ready to take ordersChange your Spartan tag.
BrutalityKill a melee enemy using a knife in matchmaking
Do you need a weapon?Try a new weapon customization item.
Your turn rookiePlay a ranked game.
Limited pluginComplete a limited duration challenge.
Killing in styleEarn a Mythic Medal in a match-based match.
The downside of the spyGive a Colleja to an enemy spotted with a telescopic weapon in matchmaking.
Laps on the runCapture the flag twice in a match-up Capture the Flag match.
KebabDestroy an enemy vehicle with the Spike in matchmaking.
That on the left is the brakeTake a test drive of a new custom vehicle.
Only if it’s with youAccess your personal AI.
See how his rhythm goesObserve an ally who is conducting a Warthog or Razorback in matchmaking.
Compulsive driverHelp capture all the scoring zones in a matchmaking Absolute Control game.
PersonalizationPlay a custom game.
Expert in making mincemeatYou have finished ranked matches.
Doing your dutyComplete the tutorial.
Back to the chopperGet Slashing with a Chopper Brute in matchmaking.
Expert marksmanComplete some weapon maneuvers.
Returned pumpRepel an enemy grenade with the Repulsor in matchmaking.
Zone explorerSecure 5 zones in a matchup Strongholds match.
Multiclass corridorDrive 4 unique vehicles in a match-based match.
An extremely funny waiterKill three enemies with the ball in a match-up game of Crazy Ball.
You have to get strongStart training mode for the first time.
Natural formation location sensationGain access to a cave with loot in a matchmaking game.
Deadly marksmanshipGet 3 stars in some weapon maneuvers.
BurningKill an enemy with the Destroyer’s Charged Shot in matchmaking.
Remote workPick up a weapon with the hook in matchmaking.
Fighting buddiesChange any of the training mode options.
The new kid in the neighborhoodGet Perfect with a VK78 Commando in a match-based match.
First contactLost and found.
Go get the popcornWatch a video at the cinema.
Infinity has fallenAccess your first Spartan recording.
Together. Again?You have explored the lower zone of Halo Zeta and recovered a weapon, changing the course of the conflict.
AscensionDefeated Banished Chieftain Tremonius.
ZetaYou’ve made your way through the Tremonius Outpost and surfaced on Halo Zeta.
The two sides of the coinAccess your first recording of the exiles.
Messages from the frontAccess your first UNSC recording.
Hidden experienceLocate and secure a Spartan core.
Those little toysSuccessfully use the hook 50 times.
ReconquestCapture your first forward operating base.
We are on our wayRespond to a call for help from the UNSC.
Money in the bankAccess your first chest of Mjolnir armor.
Outpost DiscoveryComplete a Banished Outpost.
Enemies everywhere!Mark more than 3 enemies at the same time in matchmaking.
VisionaryUnlock the Threat Sensor skill.
FallenYou followed the UNSC signal to the Tower, found the source, and made it out alive.
AugmentedGet 3 starts in 5 Tier 3 weapon maneuvers.
Bounty hunterEliminate an important Banished target.
Shut up nowTake down a banished propaganda tower.
The thief believes that they are all from his platoonSmash an enemy with a Ghost.
Hooked on the GhostUse the hook to attack an enemy Ghost.
ExiledDeactivated the Banished Mining Laser and accessed the Greenhouse.
Take coverUnlock the Wall skill.
Evasive maneuverUnlock the Thruster ability.
Wait, can you launch?Cast 50 fusion coils.
Friends entitled to beatingTake some rescued UNSC Marines with you on a main mission.
Hunter killerDefeated Hunter’s pair stationed at the base of the tower.
Pelican downedDeactivated the first tower and stopped the Zeta Reform.
Hobbyist eldScan a Forerunner artifact.
One less…Destroyed a Banished Flak Cannon.
HardheadedDiscover your first hidden skull.
Bad brotherKilled the Spartan assassins Hyperius and Tovarus.
Gun-runnerDestroy the three banished cannons.
On the defensiveFully upgrade your energy shields.
ContactingFully upgrade the Hook.
Give him tow!Grab an energy weapon from the tutorial arsenal.
Do you want to try catching one?Glue sticky grenades to 50 enemies.
Light the wayYou have reached the beacons, ordered the sequence and accessed the command tower.
Listen to what I say!You have infiltrated the command tower and ended the Reformation.
How much will it cost to get it?You have accessed the Nexus and learned the secrets of the towers. Trust is a fragile thing, right?
Together. Again.A friend was in danger and time is running out. Time to face your past and save your future.
NosebleedCheck which is the best view.
EstimateStorm the House of Doomsday.
LegendsIn the end he was just a soldier hoping he had done the right thing.
What a shame but goodbyeDefeat the Herald. Face the truth.
Feed the flames of your heartComplete the main campaign.
Show me your teethComplete the main campaign on Normal difficulty.
Communal vehicleGet on Top with a Razorback in a matchmaking match.
The all-seeing eyeUse the threat sensor 50 times.
Full power thrustersFully upgrade the Thruster skill.
ResurgenceCapture all available forward operating bases.
ImpenetrableFully upgrade the Wall skill.
Oiled lightning
Big BrotherFully upgrade the Threat Sensor skill.
Bunker busterComplete all seven Banished Outposts.
Run rabbit runUse the booster 50 times.
Fight hard, die with gusto.Complete all missions in the main campaign on Heroic difficulty.
Evacuating gasesKill a Grunt thrown by a Brute.
No one has been left behindRespond to all UNSC calls for help.
Nightmare of the BloodstarsEliminate 15 Important Banished Targets.
Proven in combatComplete a Battle Pass.
Aegis FateUnfold the Wall 50 times.
Mjolnir MasteryCollect all the Spartan Cores.
An arsenal of loveAccess all 34 Mjolnir Armor Chests.
HaruspisScan all seven Forerunner artifacts.
Forza VeloceComplete all 14 main missions in under eight hours.
A true proof of legendComplete all missions in the main campaign on Legendary difficulty.
Bring Shiela home safe and soundBring the Scorpion home without exploding.
Know your enemyUnlock all Banished Recordings.
Cannon CollectorUnlock all UNSC recordings.
Who is Max Valor?Complete all the activities that allow you to obtain value.
CatacombDiscover the 13 hidden skulls.
Out of broadcastDestroy 40 Banished Propaganda Towers.
A DOCTOR!Revive 3 allies in a Round of Matchmaking Elimination.
TeacherComplete all main missions on Legendary difficulty with all skulls active.
Rubicon protocolUnlock all Spartan recordings.

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