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Blasphemous: How to get all skins and the true ending



Blasphemous: How to get all skins and the true ending

We give you all the steps so that you can unlock the true ending in Blasphemous, and also obtain each of the skins.

For a few days, we already have available the third and last great expansion for Blasphemous, called Wounds of Eventide where we will be able to return to the adventure awaiting new collectibles, skins, and even a new ending.

And it is that although until now we had the end A and the end B, the good and the bad respectively, now it could be said that this latest expansion includes the true ending, and we are going to give you each of the steps so that you can reach the same.

On the other hand, this latest update has also included six new skins for the character, and we are going to tell you exactly the objective you must meet in order to unlock them.

How to get all skins and the true ending in Blasphemous

How to get to the true ending (Ending C)

As soon as we have defeated Isidora, Voice of the Dead, and Sierpes, you must return to the library of worlds where we will find Diosado, to whom you must show the key that you obtained at the beginning of this new expansion.

This will open a new door with a character to whom we must give the two eyes of the bosses, which will give us the last word. From here you have to complete the rest of the story until you reach the end of the game and thus we will unlock the true ending.

In this way, we will have to face Crisanta of agony, which will be the same fight as always, but after defeating her, she will get up for a second fight.

As soon as you defeat her, you will unlock the faith of the achievement and you must return to the room at the top where you obtained the Twisted Wood key for Cristana to grant you the sacred wound of self-denial. Now it is your turn to destroy and enter all the shrines of the confessors with the rosary of the weight of true guilt that you must have equipped.

Now you will come to the confrontation with Escribar. In general, it is always a two-phase match, but if you have done all of the above and have this additional content it will be a three-phase match. The third phase is an automatic movement so you must move constantly to the right.

You must go jumping over the holes avoiding the lightning attacks.

If you pass it, you will already have the true ending available.

How to unlock all Blasphemous skins

  • Default
  • Son of the miracle that is unlocking the good ending A
  • True apostasy which is completing the game but unlocking at the end B which is the bad one
  • Guardian of the ossuary that you must collect all the bones
  • Sin Alloy Earned Through Bonus Content
  • Alms for oblivion that you must donate 100,000 to the church
  • Unwavering faith you must complete the penance of faith
  • Bloodstained Heart: You must complete the Bloodstained Heart Penance.
  • True guilt you must complete the true guilt penance
  • Archaic exaltation you must complete Alcazar of Grief with the five secret skulls
  • Gold Loading Bonus Content for First Buyers or Switch Editions
  • Eternal Rest you must complete the fifth pain of supreme virtue in the true torment rank between A and S +
  • Echo and shadow you must kill the new boss Sierpes
  • Singer of the dead you must kill Isidora’s new boss
  • The adventure must complete the Alcazar of Grief
  • Excommunication Complete the game by unlocking the true ending C
  • Relentless righteousness you must complete all holy pains in true torment with S +
  • Ancient history you must use the konami code: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right in the main menu

So with this guide you already know how to unlock the true ending of the new expansion and also obtain each of the skins present in the adventure.

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