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Ruined King – How to unlock all Ultimate Skills



Ruined King - How to unlock all Ultimate Skills

Strength will be the best to command respect in Stagnant Waters, and the more the better. For this, we have the Definitive Skills in Ruined King, much stronger than any other and also instantaneous. We teach you how to unlock them all with all the available champions.

The first definitive skills are easy to get, simply by level. But that will only make us have 2 of 3 definitive in our characters. To unlock the true potential of all champions we will have to follow some steps:

  • Advance enough in the story of the Shadow Isles.
  • Talk to Kalia in Drowned Port, she is a scholar who will entrust us with a couple of tasks for each champion, if we do it, we will achieve our great ultimate ability.

Next, we tell you what you have to do with each champion and what his last ultimate ability looks like.


Illaoi will have to find the Idol of Nagakabouros. An artifact, which is curiously found in the Baron’s Rest, in the sand. We will have to defeat a monster that has swallowed the idol. And we can only fight with Illaoi, but it is not difficult. Unfortunately, the mission has a small bug and it may not update you in the mission log. Even in the arena, you can continue challenging the same monster but nothing will happen and the game will hang, be careful with it and save. Nothing happens, what we will have to do next is go directly to the Well of Mother Wyrm and offer it as a tithe. We will unlock “Avatar”.

Avatar: Deals 2344 damage to all enemies and heals all allies for 60% of their maximum Health. Revive any fallen ally.


Our goal with Braum will be to achieve a symbol of purity. Something relatively simple if we continue advancing in the main story. Specifically, in the Temple of Purification, we can find a small hole in the wall for a pore. It will not be enough and we will have to help our Poro to reach the chest. We will need bait, but we can fish it very close. We defeat the enemy that terrorizes the Poro and we will get the symbol of purity. We will unlock “Demolishing Assault”.

Demolishing Assault: Deals 5440 damage and adds 6 stacks of Concussion over 3 hits. Also applies a damage shield to all allies, absorbing 2203 damage for each.


With Yasuo, we will need to find an object. A book of teachings on the art of the sword. We can find it in the Great Library of the Shadow Isles. It is inside the Chamber of Giants. We will unlock “Rush of the Wind.”

A rush of the Wind: Deals 7130 damage and causes all allies to take immediate action.

Miss fortune

With Miss Fortune, we will need to find the plans for some cannons. These are in Gray Harbor, and curiously, Captain Floon has them, a rewarding target. So don’t forget to go for the reward and claim it in passing. After getting the plans we have to visit the blacksmith, in the Suburban Market. We will unlock “Bombardment”.

Bombardment: Deals 1494 random damage over 3 hits immediately and each turn for the next 4 turns, dealing a total of 7471 damage.


The task to complete with Ahri is very simple, especially if you usually carry her on the team. As simple as defeating 25 enemies. Specifically applying a fatal or knockout blow. It doesn’t have much else. We will unlock “Wither”.

Wither: Deals 2849 magic damage to all enemies, applying Poison, Bleed, Tear, Burn, Freeze, and Magic Tear debuffs, dealing 3325 damage over 3 turns, reducing their initiative by 30% for 1 turn, and increasing physical and magic damage they take by 10% for 3 turns.


Pyke’s task is related to another secondary in the Shadow Isles. We will have to eliminate three targets specifically. If you have bought the latest rumors you will know that Philius will ask you for that too. So you can kill two birds with one stone. We will unlock “Reaper”.

Reaper: Deals 10891 damage. Deals 141 bonus damage for each stack of any debuff on the target.

  • Unlocking all the ultimate abilities of our champions will grant us the “Ultra Max” achievement .

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