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Ruined King: Get lots of gold and level up fast



Ruined King: Get lots of gold and level up fast

The time will come in Ruined King when we need more gold, and since we are taking the characters to level 30. This last usually comes alone, but if we want to strengthen ourselves as soon as possible it will be good for us. Reaching the maximum level with any champion will give us the achievement of “Absolute Potential“. We can also take advantage of different story improvements such as definitive skills of legendary weapons. Here are some general tips for your adventure.

Exploration is key

From the beginning to the end of our game in Ruined King it will be vital to losing ourselves from time to time, and not just because of the gold gains. We can find very useful objects, weapons, and armor. For this, it is usually fine to rotate the team, all champions have abilities outside of battle. Braum can send Poros through holes, Pyke can dive in certain points of the map, Miss Fortune can reveal hidden treasures. Illaoi and Ahri will be able to interact with Buhru and Vesani artifacts respectively. Yasuo will be most useful in wind puzzles, such as Dracogalerna Island. Use the map and look for treasures, get used to it.

Zones to get more gold

  • Chamber of the Vesani
  • Jagged Hook Warehouse
  • Great Library of the Shadow Isles (No Enemy Respawn)

All the mentioned areas will have several enemies and are of good level. Even more so if the final phases of the game are taken into account. Library Golems or Vault Golems will always be good targets, even when it comes to enchantment loot. Also try to gather enemies to chain battles, with this you will add more gold and general experience. The forest in the Shadow Isles or Thresh’s library is also a good area. Many parts of the game will be updated with new enemies and levels, so it will be useful to search for rewards or collectibles.

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