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How to unlock hunts in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker



How to unlock hunts in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

As expected, every new expansion of Final Fantasy XIV comes with hunts and Endwalker was not going to be less, so we are going to do a review of how to unlock the Hunting Board news.

If you have already unlocked Reaper and Sage, it is one of the first blue quests you can access. Of course, it must be borne in mind that, as the expansion has just begun, there is very little (or no, rather) movement when making Elite Hunts, since these must be unlocked as you level up, but the Daily can be started from now on, helping with that early lift and getting rewards.

How to unlock hunts in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

If you are a veteran of the hunts, there is very little to do, but if not, you will have a lot to catch up on. The hunts of each expansion force you to have the hunts of the previous ones unlocked. If you have not done it yet, but want to enjoy the rewards that will be given to you in Endwalker, you will have to go through those of all the expansions:

  • A Realm Reborn (following the Let the Hunt Begin quests that you can find in Limsa Lominsa, Ul’dah, and New Gridania, depending on your Grand Company)
  • Heavensward (Let the Clan Hunt Begin in Foundation X: 12, Y: 11)
  • Stormblood (One-star Veteran Clan Hunt on Kugane X: 10.3, Y: 10.2)
  • Shadowbringers (Nuts to You in The Crystarium X: 12.1, Y: 15.0).

Note that these are not individual quests, but rather questlines that you will have to finish in their entirety.

That said, once you’re up to speed (and promise yourself never to let these things happen again), you’re ready to unlock Endwalker hunts. To do this, you will have to have finished Shadowbringers and its patches started Endwalker, reached Old Sharlayan (after having done the Old Sharlayan, New to You quest), and finished the Glorified Ratcatcher mission there. With that done, you’ll see more blue missions appear in the new city, including The Hunt for Specimens (granted by Diminutive Gleaner in Old Sharlayan X: 11.1, Y: 12.0). Once you have it, you will only have to talk to Northota in the same city (X: 11.7, Y: 13.2). With this, you will already have access to the Hunting Board of Endwalker, and you will be able, as you progress in the expansion, to unlock the rest of the new hunts that Square Enix brings us. Yes indeed, do not forget to equip yourself well before going hunting.

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