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Myth of Empires: 7 tips for the survival MMO hit



Myth of Empires: 7 tips for the survival MMO hit

With Myth of Empires, a new survival MMO has found its way onto numerous computers. The positive reviews speak for the game. But what can you expect in the game? We have embarked on an adventure and tell you in this guide:

  • What are your first tasks in Myth of Empires
  • What tools do you need
  • Whether you should join a guild or not

Note: Bear in mind that Myth of Empires is still in the Early Access stage and therefore errors may occur in some quests or representations. Some things are still going quite slowly, which the development team should improve little by little.

Start your adventure in the forest

When you’ve created your first character, find an area to start in. Starts on a European realm to minimize potential communication problems. Then you choose a region in which you start. Furthermore, you can also choose which texture should prevail. We recommend you start in the forest. This has the advantage that you can hide well in the bushes and between the trees and that there are enough resources available.

What resources should I collect first?

Speaking of resources: You start with nothing in Myth of Empires! Except for the scraps of clothing that you wear, there is not a single item in your inventory and you have to search and craft everything yourself.

On the ground, you will find stones (they are called rubble in MoE) and wood (called branches). You can also loot the bushes and not only get grass but also low-quality flour, grasshoppers, seeds, or wildflowers. All of these materials can be used to make new objects or foods. Spend the first few minutes collecting resources only.

What do I make first?

If you don’t follow the tutorial, we’ll tell you the three most important tools that you should craft first. The crafting system in Myth of Empires has one advantage: You don’t need a workbench or something comparable for the lower levels. You simply call up your menu with the I key on your keyboard, select the item to be produced and confirm the order with a double click. That works even in an absolute no man’s land.

So first make as many straw ropes as possible. You need 4x grass for a rope. You should first process everything into straw ropes, as you need this material for numerous other objects that you still want to craft.

Next, you’ll make the stone ax. For them, you need 2x straw rope, 2x twig, and 2x rubble. Once you’ve built the tool, you can use it to cut trees.

To be able to break down even more rubble and knock it onto larger boulders, build a stone hammer. For this, you need the same resources as for the stone ax: 2x straw rope, 2x twig, 2x rubble.

Avoid strong animals like wolves and bears in the beginning

You will quickly notice that you are not alone in the starting area. Numerous wild animals are also at home there. While you need not be afraid of the small level 1 Bunny, you should yourselves stronger animals such as wolves, bears, or even horses beware.

You can tell how dangerous the animals are by the number that can be seen above the head. If you are only level 4 yourself and see a level 14 animal near you, just keep your feet still for a moment and let it go by. The level display also serves to show you how aggressive the living being is towards you. If it is red, it has targeted you and will attack you. If the display is yellow, it is alarming but has not yet discovered you. If you keep calm, the animal will relax again.

If the ad is transparent, the animal is not interested in you or has not noticed you yet. This ad is extremely useful when you want to stalk yourselves. In the beginning, you will be given a task to kill a few rabbits in order to further process their meat. But without a bow and arrow, it is not that easy to catch these terrifying animals. Patience is required here: slowly approach the rabbit from behind and then hit it. Always keep an eye on the display and watch whether it changes to yellow or not. Change them, pause for a moment and wait until the color disappears again.

First, exercise genteel restraint

Before you are not appropriately equipped, you should stay away from overly strong opponents (this applies to animals as well as other players), skeptical or hostile NPCs, or other strangers. As we learned first-hand, even a level 7 pig can kill a level 12 character without any problems .

Increase your influence

You should only get in touch with others over time. You have to because otherwise, you cannot expand your influence. But proceed cautiously. Above all, the local NPCs are not particularly impressed with the fact that you are sneaking around in their area. Don’t attack them as long as you are alone and only have a small hut. Because revenge is sweet – and the NPCs take it very seriously!

Tries prefer to approach with more diplomacy of things to let them speak instead of fists or weapons. Gains the trust of others in order to slowly but surely rise further.

Join a guild

You can play Myth of Empires alone and do your own thing without any problems. However, you should at least think twice about joining a guild. This has several advantages: You can help each other and repel unpleasant attacks from NPCs. You can also find a small community by building a settlement in which on the one hand everyone has their own house, but on the other hand tasks for the community are fulfilled.

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