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Survival hit Myth of Empires suddenly removed from Steam, what happened?



Survival hit Myth of Empires suddenly removed from Steam, what happened?

Myth of Empires, the popular new medieval survival game, suddenly disappeared from sale on Steam on December 4, 2021. For days there was great uncertainty among gamers about the whereabouts of the MMO.

At least active players do not seem to be affected at the moment: According to the answer to our inquiry at the responsible PR agency, the game servers are online. Whoever owns Myth of Empires can continue to play.

Copyright problems?

Now there is an official statement from developer Angela Game. Accordingly, there was a copyright complaint against Myth of Empires on Steam, according to which Steam, as a provider, should have removed the game from the shop in accordance with the DMCA law in force in the USA in order not to be legally prosecuted.

Angela Game claims that they hold all rights to Myth of Empires. Now they are working closely with Steam and taking action against the allegations in order to get the game back on sale as soon as possible.

Regarding the recent delisting of Myth of Empires on Steam and the following developments:

A few days ago, Steam received allegations of alleged copyright infringement relating to Myth of Empires and, in accordance with the DMCA and in order to be released from liability, has temporarily issued Myth of Empires removed from his store. Our development team hereby declares sacredly: Angela Game owns all rights and property to Myth of Empires and will actively respond to any doubts or allegations on this point. We are in active contact with Steam and are doing our best to bring the game back to the store. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused players.

At the same time, we will continue to advance the general optimization of Myth of Empires and maintain normal operations and development work. We are currently preparing a large number of content updates that, due to the current special circumstances, cannot be brought online. But players who have bought Myth of Empires can rest assured that we will provide them with a better gaming experience.

We thank you for your support and understanding.

What’s the future like?

Angela Game further explained that major content updates are still in development, but that they should not be published until the allegations have been clarified and the new release on Steam.

In response to our request, the developers keep a low profile on the more precise circumstances of the situation. Now the time has to tell whether the allegations can be refuted and Myth of Empires regularly returns to the Steam Store.

The passionate gamers and even the whole genre of survival MMOs would have a positive outcome. As you can find out in our Early Access test above, Myth of Empires is already a really exciting and complex game.

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