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Myth of Empires: How do I enable the Command Console?



Myth of Empires: How do I enable the Command Console?

Myth of Empires was a surprise hit on Steam after its release at the beginning of access on November 18, 2021. It combines perfectly with RPG, survival, and action elements together to form a beautiful and stunning sandbox of games for players.

In the game, you will be born in a world engulfed in war, and you will have to survive in this world defeating enemies. The game is multiplayer, so you can also team up with friends to build your own empire and fend off enemies.

One of the best features of the game is that you can use console commands, admin commands, or just cheat codes to make the game seem more interesting, or just mess around!

In the game, you can use quite a few administrative commands that will bring you armor, saddles, resources, and more. You can even be able to fly, turn on god mode, summon or kill animals, and more!


Since the game is already available in Early Access on Steam, many players began to wonder how to enable the command console in the game. For those who don’t know, enabling this command console feature will help you to use various cheat codes or admin codes in the game as well as save the game. Although there is no official information about this, the players have already come up with their own solutions.

While some suggested that the ~ key opens the console and the SaveWorld cheat saves the game, some suggested using CTRL + C in the server window itself before closing it. You can also try using the correct Steam ID and the correct GM Box to enable the command console.

Some other players suggest that if that doesn’t work, you might need to delete this server and create a new one. The private server tool is not yet 100% working and has some problems saving settings. If you don’t want to delete your server, you can simply leave it and join a new one.

We mentioned earlier that the ~ key opens the console, but keep in mind that it does not work for non-US keyboards. To use a key, you first need to change your keyboard layout to US in order to be able to use the key. Here’s what you can try to get the console command to work:

  • After you finish the game, first click “return to the main menu”.
  • Don’t close the game. While in the main game menu, press Alt + Tab to go to the window, and then proceed to shut down the server by pressing Ctrl + C.
  • After closing the server, exit the game. This should do the trick.

These were some of the methods by which you can enable the command console in the game Myth of Empires.

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