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FS22 Seasons: Efficient use of the seed calendar & every season



FS22 Seasons: Efficient use of the seed calendar & every season

In Farming Simulator 22 there is a dynamic change of seasons for the first time, which makes it necessary to adapt to the constantly changing weather conditions. With these tips, you will be efficient in every season of the year.

Farming Simulator 22: This is how you set the seasons

In Farming Simulator 22, you can no longer simply cultivate your field when and how it suits you, instead you have to adapt to the weather conditions. The seasons’ spring, summer, autumn, and winter alternate dynamically, according to the default settings. By default, a month lasts an in-game day, which corresponds to a time frame of 30 minutes up to a weekend, depending on the game speed you have set.

But nowhere is it written that you have to leave it at that. If you want, you can also let a season last for 30 in-game days, which greatly reduces stress and gives you significantly more time to adjust to the changed situation and react accordingly. To do this, go to the “Seasons” section in the game settings and change the value for “Days per month”. However, the change will only take effect after the current season has ended.

If you don’t like reality, you can also whistle about the changing seasons and set in the section just mentioned that a certain season lasts forever. To do this, select your favorite month under the entry “Visual season” and stay forever in your favorite landscape. Note that the seasons not only affect the game optically but also influence many mechanics and options.

How these changes look naturally depends on the time of year itself. In autumn, for example, heavy rain often falls, which can prevent your harvest and also cause other problems. Instead, winter temperatures are icy and there is frequent snowfall. But the choice of your card also has an influence on the weather, so there is hardly any snow on Haut-Beyleron and Elmcreek, while Erlengrat usually sinks completely into the cold white.

If you don’t feel like doing it, you can also turn off the snow permanently in the options.

This is how the seasons work: Always have a look at the sowing calendar

Together with the dynamic change of the seasons, the Farming Simulator 22 will for the first time have the seed calendar, which is very much based on reality and shows you when you can plant which crops, how long they need to grow, and when you can get yours Have to bring in the harvest. Check this calendar from time to time so that you don’t make mistakes and you don’t lose good money.

Anyone who has left the default settings is usually busy preparing the fields and sowing the seeds in spring. In summer you harvest grain and potatoes and in autumn the rest of the harvest is due. Winter is traditionally the quiet time when you take care of forest work and animal care.

So that valuable crops do not rot in the field due to lack of time, you should plan your tasks well and always carefully cultivate new types of fruits and other goods. To do this, check the calendar mentioned from time to time and avoid having too many things on the field that need your attention at the same time because those who are too overambitious not only have to do well but in the worst case lose everything in the end.

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