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Farming Simulator 22: Where to sell the wood



Farming Simulator 22: Where to sell the wood

In the new farming simulator 22, you can work as a forester in addition to daily fieldwork and cattle breeding. Similar to the predecessor, all-important vehicles and devices are available to the player for maintenance, which is needed for cutting trees but also for later transport. Anyone who recently bought the vehicles for cutting down trees and transporting them away will perhaps ask themselves how the wood can actually be processed and sold? There are different ways with which you can turn the wood into money and which ones are, we have created a short guide here.

Farming Simulator 22: Where to sell the wood

When you have felled trees and loaded them, you can deliver them to the sawmill and process them into boards and wood chips, but you can also deliver the trees to the carpentry shop. Both buildings produce new products from the trees supplied, which can then be sold on.

Similar to the predecessor in the form of the Farming Simulator 19, there will probably also be a mod with a direct sale of wood for the FS22 in the near future. With direct sales, you can place a delivery point close to the forest where the trees are being felled. So you can save yourself the trip to the sawmill and sell the trees or wood directly.

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