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Solar Ash: Get platinum with these achievements



In this Trophy Guide to Solar Ash you experience:

  • How many trophies there are
  • What you have to do to get the achievements

With Solar Ash, the developer studio Heart Machine presents its new game. In 2016 they celebrated great success with their debut Hyper Light Drifter and won several awards. Will you succeed with the successor?

There are so many trophies in Solar Ash

You can unlock a total of 33 trophies on the PS4 and PS5. These are broken down as follows:

  • 13x bronze
  • 15x silver
  • 4x gold
  • 1x platinum

Solar Ash: All bronze trophies

Where the hell is Zyd? You will have to find out in various places. Go on a search and collect as much plasma as you can find.

With open eyesActivate Zyd.bronze
Explorer of the cityFind Zyd in pieces in town.bronze
Firmly rootedFind Zyd in Ironwort Hollow.bronze
Shot out of the groundFind Zyd in the Eternal Garden.bronze
A day at the beachFind Zyd in the Sea of ​​Mirrors.bronze
A magma timeFind Zyd on the Shining Peak.bronze
Plasma driveCollect 1,000 plasma.bronze
Plasma overdriveCollect 5,000 plasma.bronze
Hobby archaeologistCollect 1 Voidrunner supply.bronze
Fast butcherKill 5 enemies in under 5 seconds.bronze
Air raiderKill 3 enemies without touching the ground.bronze
Pretty bow tieStay in the air for 10 seconds.bronze
The story of a VerukiFind 5 diaries lost by Tarragon Nectarpaw.bronze

Solar Ash: All silver trophies

For the silver trophies you have to destroy several fragments and complete quests for others. This is how you approach the coveted platinum trophy in Solar Ash.

All systems are readyProvide a complete energy supply for the Starseed.silver
Wyrm SlayerDestroy the fragment in the crater.silver
City dwellerDestroy the fragment in pieces in the city.silver
Overturned tripodDestroy the fragment in the ironwort depression.silver
Head in the cloudsDestroy the fragment in the Eternal Garden.silver
DefusedDestroy the fragment in the sea of ​​mirrors.silver
Towers of powerDestroy the fragment on the Shining Peak.silver
Universal donorCollect 10,000 plasma.silver
The angry strangerComplete Lyris’ quest.silver
Krustazeenstation holiday campComplete Ames’ quest.silver
Ahrric’s pilgrimageComplete Ahrrics’ quest.silver
FragmentarianCollect all of the Voidrunner supplies.silver
VoidsprinterComplete the game in under 3 hours.silver
Round tripFind all the lost Tarragon Nectar Paw diaries.silver
Rei on the upswingSave a game state of the 100% completed game.silver

Solar Ash: gold and platinum trophies

As soon as you prove yourself to be a real fatigue freak, free Echo, and complete even more quests, you will finally receive the platinum trophy.

And furtherDestroy the Starseed and set Echo
Return to EternityActivate the
Exertion freakComplete the game in hardship
A helping handComplete all NPC
Everything completedObtain all trophies.platinum

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