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FS22: Herbicides and liquid fertilizers – fulfill contracts



FS22: Herbicides and liquid fertilizers - fulfill contracts

Where can I find herbicides in FS22? Where can I get liquid fertilizer from? How do I conclude the first contracts in FS22? We have been asked these questions by many players and in this article, we will give you the necessary information.

Sign the first contracts in FS22

If you play Farming Simulator 22 for the first time in career mode, you will be given the opportunity to fulfill contracts right at the start. These are orders from other entrepreneurs who require you to spray their fields with fertilizer, harvest fields, or spray fields with herbicides.

It doesn’t matter which map you play on or which mission you have to fulfill, the approach to the first missions is always the same! We play on Elmcreek .

Go to the menu and select the ” Contracts ” tab. There you can see the existing contracts/orders. Select one of the orders and you will see the details: which entrepreneur, which requirement, and which field you should

At the bottom of the screen, you can also see the ” Borrow Devices ” option, which is the easiest way to complete the job. So click on this option and you will receive a message that the devices are available at the relevant dealer. Now leave the menu so that you can take control of your farmer again. With “TAB” you can now switch through all possible vehicles, press TAB until you are at the rented vehicle.

First, you have to couple the weight (depending on the task you have to couple it either at the front or at the back). When you have attached all devices to the tractor, you can see all the details in the top left of the screen. For example, if you have to spray herbicides, there is a note that you have to fill the device first!

If you now leave the vehicle, look for the ” shopping cart ” symbol at the company’s building. Run there, when you are at the symbol, you will be shown the corresponding button to open the menu of the dealer. Then select the Objects tab. Now you see bigbag pallets , bigbags , pallets and bales . Herbicides can be found under pallets, depending on what you need.

So choose the fertilizer you need or what you need. Buy it and the object will appear where the devices (The Rented Vehicle) were parked.

Now all you have to do is fill the tank (seed drill or other equipment). To do this, drive the trailer to the pallet and press the corresponding button to fill it. When the filling is finished, drive to the indicated field and do your work.

When you have arrived at the field, you also have the option to hire a helper. This will automatically process the field and you can devote yourself to other tasks.

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