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Solar Ash: How to unlock all the endings



Solar Ash: How to unlock all the endings

In Solar Ash, you can unlock a good and a bad ending. In this guide, we will show you how to do this.

This is how you reach the finale of Solar Ash

In order to reach the finale in Solar Ash, you first have to free five large areas of toxic matter. Activate the scanner every time you enter a new area. Then follow the quest markers and search the area for the poisoned area.

Once there, you follow a kind of lethal injection through black matter in a short section of the course. In our Solar Ash tips guide, we describe the easiest way to solve the problem. Have you freed the area, it comes to the boss fight. You do the same thing as the poisonous matter.

Enter the Starseed in Solar Ash to find Echo

After you have cleared all areas and defeated the bosses, return to the crater and talk to Zyd. Let them activate the Starseed and slide up the rail to the left of the terminal. There interacts with the switch on the pedestal. Echo appears and you get the option to activate the star seed manually.

This is how you unlock the good or the bad ending in Solar Ash

Hold down the square button (PS5 / PS4) and Rei will start spinning the wheel to kill Echo. She in turn stops Rei and clarifies the situation. After a short chat, you will be given two options: destroy Starseed and activate Starseed.

  • If you activate the star seed, it comes to the bad end: Echo disappears and Rei is sucked into a new cycle to the crash site. From there you have to go to Zyd’s terminal in the crater.
  • If you destroy the star seeds, you will experience a happy ending: You reach a final area. Follow the lanterns until you reach Zyd. After the conversation, you go through the crack in the wall and there is a final boss fight.

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