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Solar Ash Trophy Guide for PS4 and PS5



Solar Ash Trophy Guide for PS4 and PS5

We welcome you to our complete solution for Solar Ash. There are a total of 33 trophies and achievements that you can unlock. In these instructions, we give you tips and solutions for the respective tasks.

To unlock a trophy and link it to your PSN account (requires a PSN account and an internet connection) you have to complete the respective task.

You can find more solutions and tips about the game on our overview page for Solar Ash. Some trophies have separate instructions.

Solar Ash Trophy Guide

Trophies total33 (1,5,13,14)
Online trophies0
Offline trophies33
Minimum playthroughs2 to 3
Missable trophies1 (void sprinter)
Platinum time12 to 22 hours

Trophy Guide Solar Ash

This guide is in process and will be updated.

  • All completed
    Obtain all trophies.
  • All systems are ready to
    provide a complete energy supply for the starseed.You can’t miss this trophy, you will unlock it automatically.
  • And further
    destroy the starseeds and free echo.You unlock this trophy if you decide to destroy the star seeds at the end of the game.
  • Return to Eternity
    Activate the Starseed.You will receive this trophy if you activate the Starseed at the end. This ending has no extra boss, the game “ends” after the election without any further gameplay.
  • A helping hand
    Complete all NPC quests.
  • Exertion Freak
    Complete the game in Exertion mode.
  • Wyrm Slayer
    Destroy the fragment in the crater.

  • City Woman Destroy the fragment in the city in pieces.
  • Overturned tripod
    Destroy the fragment in the ironwort depression.
  • Head in the Clouds
    Destroy the fragment in the Eternal Garden.
  • Disarmed
    Destroy the fragment in the Sea of ​​Mirrors.
  • Towers of Power
    Destroy the fragment on the Shining Peak.
  • The Angry Stranger
    Complete Lyris’ quest.
  • Crustacean Station Holiday Camp Complete
    Ames’ quest.
  • Ahrrics Pilgrimage
    Complete Ahrrics’ Quest.
  • Voidsprinter Complete
    the game in under 3 hours.You will receive this trophy if you finish the game in less than 3 hours, with a new save and the completion of the “true end” (destruction of the star seeds).about:blank
  • Fragmentarian
    Collect all of the Voidrunner Supplies.
  • There and Back
    Find all the lost Tarragon Nectarpaw diaries.
  • Rei im Aufwind
    Save a game state of the 100% completed game.
  • With
    your eyes open, activate Zyd.
  • City
    Explorer Find Zyd in pieces in the city.
  • Firmly Rooted
    Search Zyd in Ironwort Depression.

  • Shoot up from the ground Find Zyd in the Eternal Garden.
  • A day at the beach
    Search Zyd in the Sea of ​​Mirrors.
  • A Magma Time
    Seek Zyd on Shining Peak.
  • Hobby Archaeologist
    Collect 1 Voidrunner Supply.
  • Swift Butcher
    Kill 5 enemies in under 5 seconds.
  • Air
    Raider Kill 3 enemies without touching the ground.
  • Pretty fly
    Stay in the air for 10 seconds.
  • Plasma
    Engine Collect 1000 Plasma.
  • Plasma Overdrive
    Collect 5000 Plasma.
  • Universal Donor
    Collect 10,000 plasma.
  • The story of a Veruki
    Find 5 diaries lost by Tarragon Nectarpaw .

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