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Ruined King Guide – The Complete Bestiary



Ruined King Guide - All the Complete Bestiary

Complete the Bestiary of Ruined King is mandatory for any self-respecting pirate. Or maybe you want the achievement “You are the predator”, it is equally valid and necessary for 100%. For which we anticipate that we have a lot of work and hours ahead of us. Also, some that another can be omitted, so be very careful in your game and try to fight against everyone.

Below you have all the pages of the Ruined King bestiary, from the first to the seventh. With the name and its location. Added a bonus when it comes to a Baron’s Rest boss, reward, or challenge. They are all arranged from left to right, from the top row to the bottom.

Page 1

Dock rat hatchlingBackwaters
Squat of the LabyrinthsBackwaters
Alley rookieBackwaters
Runaway GunnerBackwaters
Alley thiefBackwaters
Yordle LightfootBackwaters
Irongut Pit FighterBackwaters
Temple SpiderBuhru Temple of Puerto Gris
Trained Shrapnel LauncherGray port
Afflicted spiritGray port
Mistwalker VillagerGray port
Mistwalker SailorGray port
Bandit of Gray HarborGray port
Bandit of Gray HarborGray port
Spectral Spring RatGray port
Giant temple spiderBuhru Temple of Puerto Gris
Mistwalker Kraken PriestBuhru Temple of Puerto Gris
Mistwalker Kraken PriestessBuhru Temple of Puerto Gris
Shadow SpeakerBuhru Temple of Puerto Gris and Puerto Gris
Spectral Hydra TurtleGray port
Looter CrabBackwaters
Jagged Hook ScoutStagnant Waters, In Stock of Jagged Hooks

Page 2

JettStagnant Waters, In Stock of Jagged Hooks
Dock ratBackwaters
Marksman smugglerBackwaters
Poison Edge of Jagged HooksStagnant Waters, In Stock of Jagged Hooks
SaboteurStagnant Waters, In Stock of Jagged Hooks
Alpha dock ratBackwaters
Thresher BanditBackwaters
Cannoneer of Jagged HooksStagnant Waters, In Stock of Jagged Hooks
Ironweb spiderShadow Isles
Explosive SpiritShadow Isles
Infected dock ratShadow Isles
Corrupted Sea BatShadow Isles
Shadow impShadow Islands, in the shadow chamber
Chamber SentryShadow Islands, in the shadow chamber
The lostShadow Isles
Giant Ironweb SpiderShadow Isles
Stinging dock ratStagnant Waters and Puerto Gris
Cursed sailorShadow Isles
Corrupt TreantShadow Islands, in the shadow chamber
Mistwalker SeekerShadow Isles
Corrupt priestShadow Isles
Elemental of the MistShadow Islands, in the shadow chamber
Carrion wormShadow Islands, in the shadow chamber

Page 3

Mistwalker AssassinShadow Isles
Shadow SummonerShadow Islands, in the shadow chamber
Shadow golemShadow Islands, in the shadow chamber
Mistwalker ExecutionerShadow Isles
Winged horrorShadow Islands, in the shadow chamber
Easy trigger gunmanBackwaters
Ingenious tricksterStagnant Waters and Puerto Gris
Stalking CutthroatBackwaters
Heavy Duty CrusherStagnant Waters and Puerto Gris
Submerged screamTemple of purification
Iron fist nagaTemple of purification
Naga MarauderTemple of purification
Tidecaller ShieldmaidenTemple of purification
Naga Frost HeartTemple of purification
Naga StormflameTemple of purification
Possessed tomeShadow Isles, Library of Thresh
Fiery spiritShadow Isles, Library of Thresh
Mistwalker WarlockShadow Isles, Library of Thresh
Mistwalker Shield BearerShadow Isles, Library of Thresh
FearsShadow Isles, Library of Thresh
Mistwalker LibrarianShadow Isles, Library of Thresh
Corrupt guardianShadow Isles, Library of Thresh

Page 4

HarpoonerShadow Isles
Grim AppearanceShadow Isles, Library of Thresh
Mind reaperShadow Isles, Library of Thresh
Reinforced Plunder CrabBackwaters
Dracogalerna SpiderSea of ​​the Guardian, Dracogalerna Isle
Dracogalerna’s EdgeSea of ​​the Guardian, Dracogalerna Isle
Sure eyeBackwaters
Gale idolSea of ​​the Guardian, Dracogalerna Isle
Giant gale spiderSea of ​​the Guardian, Dracogalerna Isle
Naga WarlordGuardian Sea
Hextech BrawlerBackwaters
Towering TidescallerGuardian Sea
Wind GolemSea of ​​the Guardian, Dracogalerna Isle
Cannon smasherStagnant Waters and Puerto Gris
SpitSea of ​​the Guardian, Dracogalerna Isle
Bad auguryShadow Isles
Venom CrawlerShadow Isles
ImpShadow islands, vastaya chamber
Forbidden ChronicleShadow islands, vastaya chamber
Brambles heartShadow Isles
Mistwalking PhalanxShadow Isles

Page 5

Mother of the PonzoñaShadow Isles
Empowered Mist ElementalShadow islands, vastaya chamber
Sentinel GolemShadow islands, vastaya chamber
Blood wormShadow Isles
Mother of spiritsShadow Isles
Mistwalker Secret KeeperShadow islands, vastaya chamber
Harvester of PainShadow islands, vastaya chamber
Doom kickerShadow Isles
Soul HarvesterShadow islands, vastaya chamber
Guardian PrototypeShadow islands, vastaya chamber
Demons of hateShadow islands, vastaya chamber
Trickster BatrachianAnywhere … (in hidden treasures)
Captain ThorneBackwaters
Eric ClarioGray port
Treasure golemShadow Isles (Pyke required)
Orb of TortureThresh’s Library (Twisted Paths)
Mistwalker SingerBuhru Temple of Puerto Gris
Illaoi ruinedEdge of Ruin
Ruined braumEdge of Ruin
Yasuo ruinedEdge of Ruin
Ruined miss fortuneEdge of Ruin

Page 6

Ruined pykeEdge of Ruin
Ruined ahriEdge of Ruin
Bajío WalkerSuspicious Bar Arena
Cannon crabSuspicious Bar Arena
MiserySuspicious Bar Arena
DestructionSuspicious Bar Arena
AnguishSuspicious Bar Arena
Ravenous glitterSuspicious Bar Arena
Greedy wormSuspicious Bar Arena
Cruel scavengerSuspicious Bar Arena
Imbued batrachianAnywhere … (in hidden treasures)
Giffin, the Hextech thiefBilgewater (Reward)
CorwinBilgewater (Reward)
Giant dock ratBilgewater (Reward)
Goth’Rah Queen of SpidersShadow Isles (Reward)
Captain FloonGray Harbor (Reward)
Rhasa the RendingShadow Isles (Reward)
CruzavelosBilgewater (Reward)
Commander LedrosShadow Isles (Reward)
The HoofbreakerGuardian Sea (Reward)
Port RipperBackwaters
Mistwalker specterGray port
Mor’Rath, Queen of SpidersPuerto Gris Buhru Temple (skip, watch out)
Xa’Tal, impostor goddessBuhru Temple of Puerto Gris

Page 7

Sniper CaptainStagnant Waters, In Stock of Jagged Hooks
Deep stalkerGuardian Sea
MaokaiShadow Isles
Corrupting ShadowShadow Islands, in the shadow chamber
Gloomy heartTemple of purification
Corrupted seedTemple of purification
ThreshShadow Isles, Library of Thresh
GangplankShadow Isles
Shadow of YoneDracogalerna Island
Ancestral GolemShadow islands, vastaya chamber
Nagakabouros AvatarBackwaters
The ruined kingEdge of Ruin

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