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Farming Simulator 22: Produce chopped material and silage for total mixed rations



Farming Simulator 22: Produce chopped material and silage for total mixed rations

In FS 22, you can use chopped material and grass to make silage. This process comprises several steps and is initially quite confusing, especially for newcomers. At this point, we explain to you how you can make silage and use it for total mixes.

Manufacture of chopped material (FS 22)

You get chaff by chopping certain plant material with a forage harvester. You can do this in fields with the crops maize, wheat, barley, grass, sunflowers, soybeans, and rape. You get the chopped material here even when the fields are not yet ready for harvest.

Since forage harvesters do not have their own grain tank, let a tractor and trailer drive next to the forage harvester so that the chopped material is collected directly. If you fill the forage harvester with bonsilage beforehand, you will increase the final yield by 5%.

How you can mow grass to make silage, you can read in the linked guide

Process grass and chopped material into silage

When you have enough grass and/or chopped material, you can unload it into a bunker silo. You can find such silos at biogas plants or you can place the silos yourself using the construction mode.

In construction mode, you can place silos of different sizes. A snap-in function makes building easier, as you can arrange several silos next to each other. Note, however, that this only works with empty silos.

If you have placed grass / chopped material in a silo, you have to compact the resulting pile by driving the tractor over it several times and then cover the silo so that the fermentation process for silage can start. Please note that the silo must be filled to at least 10% so that it can be covered.

Use silage for total mixed rations

As soon as the silage is ready, you can use a tractor with a mounted shovel or silo fork to pick up the silage. You now have two options for processing the silage:

  • Unloads them directly into a mixer wagon in order to produce total mixed rations in combination with hay, straw and mineral feed (available from dealers). This is the best feed if you have cows .
  • Alternatively, you can unload silage directly into the feeding trough in the stables or by the feeding robot.

By the way, you can also get silage by wrapping grass balls. This creates bales of silage that can be handled in the same way as fermented silage.

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