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Farming Simulator 22: Produce, store & sell grass, straw, hay



Farming Simulator 22: Produce, store & sell grass, straw, hay

Grass, hay, and straw are important field products in FS 22 that you can use and process in many ways. At this point, we will tell you how you can mow grass, make hay, and store straw.

Mow & store grass

You can mow green meadows with lush grass and you need a tractor for this. Attach a suitable mower to this and you can start right away. You can use the mown grass in the following ways:

  • You can feed it directly to your animals . Simply unload it at the unloading points of the stables.
  • Grass can also be sold normally at unloading stations.
  • You can also process grass into silage. To do this, store it in a silo or wrap it in a silage bale.

If you want to make hay from grass, you will learn more about this in the next paragraph.

Make & sell hay

After you’ve mowed the grass, you can just leave it behind so that it can be turned into hay later. To do this, however, you have to turn it once so that it can dry on each side. Use a tractor with a mounted hay tedder for this. Hay is lighter than grass and less saturated in color.

You can use hay in the following ways:

  • Feed it like grass to your animals.
  • Uses it as an ingredient in the production of total mix rations (TMR). This is the best feed for your cows .
  • Like grass, you can turn hay into cash at sales stations .

Press grass, hay and straw into swaths and bales

Grass, hay, and straw are easier to collect if you fold them into swaths or press them into bales. You can use a tractor with a mounted rake for this. Then use a loading wagon to collect the swaths.

In addition, you can use a baler to create grass, hay, and straw bales. When using Bonsilage in loading wagons or harvesting machines, you also increase the yield by 5%.

You can finally collect the square or round bales of grass, hay, or straw with a tractor and a bale loader and bring them to your yard or sales station. You may also want to use automatic AI helpers for these deliveries.

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