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Ruined King- All Rewards and Where to Claim Them



Ruined King- All Rewards and Where to Claim Them

The Ruined King: A League of Legends Story experience puts us in the shoes of some Bilgewater heroes, and as if it were a pirate adventure, we will have rewards to claim. We tell you how and where to get each one and incidentally, the profits that we will obtain. To see the board of recommendations available you just have to go to the Puerto de Aguas Estancadas.

Keep in mind that in many cases you will not be able to access certain areas or you will not find the one with the reward in the indicated place. That means you have to advance a bit more in the story.

Rewards Board:


  • Level: 7
  • Gold: 275
  • Black marks: 6
  • Item: Level 10 Protector’s Brooch
  • Location: Puerto Gris, related to history, impossible to miss.

Giffin, the Hextech thief

  • Level: 9
  • Gold: 350
  • Black marks: 8
  • Item: Warrior Orb Level 12
  • Location: Labyrinths (Backwater)

Corvin, the Invader of Dwellings

  • Level: 10
  • Gold: 450
  • Black marks: 10
  • Item: Level 12 Leviathan
  • Location: Puerto de los Muelles (Stagnant Waters)


  • Level: 24
  • Gold: 2700
  • Black marks: 20
  • Item: Level 25 Midnight Robe
  • Location: Puerto de los Muelles (In the Bajamar Market, in Aguas Estancadas). It will take a lot of progress in history to go for it.

Giant dock rat

  • Level: 13
  • Gold: 550
  • Black marks: 12
  • Item: Buhru Steel Guns Level 14
  • Location: Well of Mother Sierpe (Stagnant Waters)

Goth’Rah, Queen of Spiders

  • Level: 14
  • Gold: 750
  • Black marks: 14
  • Item: Level 15 Iron Silk Cloak
  • Location: Academy Gardens (Shadow Isles)

Captain Floon’s rebellion

  • Level: 18
  • Gold: 1500
  • Black marks: 16
  • Item: Devious Trickster Ring Level 19
  • Location: Puerto Gris (Stagnant Waters). Related to Miss Fortune’s Cannon Blueprints ( Ultimate Ability )

Rhasa the Rending

  • Level: 25
  • Gold: 4500
  • Black marks: 25
  • Item: Level 25 Pore Snack
  • Location: Cemetery (Shadow Isles)

Commander Ledros

  • Level: 26
  • Gold: 5000
  • Black marks: 30
  • Item: Randuin’s Omen
  • Location: Shrine of Thresh (Shadow Isles)

The Hoofbreaker

  • Level: 27
  • Gold: 5500
  • Black marks: 35
  • Item: Star Metal Amulet
  • Location: Sea of ​​Terror (Ocean)

Completing all the rewards on the board unlocks the achievement “Captain Bounty Hunter”.

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